A tribute to Bitoy and his girlfriend

Ancestor hammie Bitoy, 01 June 2004.

He was just an ordinary hamster, a banded brown (inbred) male Teddy bear. He came to us in September 2003 with his sister (banded orange) when my wife’s friend offered us to adopt them because her aunt didn’t want to keep hamsters any longer. The hamsters were barely a month old; we “christened” them Bitoy and Bebang. From then on our household includes a family of more or less a dozen members whose roots can be traced back to this first pair. (click on this word: Genealogy )

This is Bebang, nursing two in a litter of eight of the second batch. She was very meticulous, neat and orderly in her cage. (photo 26 March 2004)


Although at a younger age not so friendly to human or animals alike (hamsters were no exceptions), Bebang was a very responsible mother to all her 3 batches of litters.

This is one of Bitoy’s few portraits (wala pa ko digital camera nu’n). I was working on the construction of a scale model of a rice harvester. I always use my hamsters as models to give a clue on the relative size of every miniature that I make. He was caught here in a bad mood because he was awoken for the sole purpose of this pictorial. (05 April 2004)

Bitoy was a constant companion in our visits to my mother and in-laws not very far from Manila, and in our regular trips to Baguio (We live in a small rented unit in Nueva Ecija). In the evenings of these overnight stays, we let him stroll freely in the room. Lying in bed with the lights off, I could distinctly hear his footsteps as he ran across the wooden floor with reverberating outburst of vocal delight (Tududududududu…!!!). He really enjoyed the overnight stays, but I think the long trips had been indeed very stressful for him.

In November 2004, Bitoy got sick and lethargic. He was refusing to play on his wheel and had chosen to stay and sleep in his transport box. During the evening, in the hours when he was supposed to be active, I let him stay and sleep on my chest while I was lying down; he just stayed there as if he was getting some comfort.

About seven days later I knew he was dying. He solemnly took his last breath while in my hands. (Incidentally, I was playing a country-western version of John Newton’s “Amazing Grace” in my PC’s CD; I cannot help but cry silently.)

I admired him for his struggle to survive (as most animals do). He didn’t seem to worry about his infirmity even until he was at death’s doorstep – he still ‘ate and moved on’ – as long as he was able. When he died, I even found a fresh sunflower seed in one of his cheek pouches.

He lived for only 15 months — too much shorter for the already short lifespan granted to such small creatures. But he left a lasting legacy.

I have had some small animal pets in the past (guinea pigs in 1975– , and hamsters in 1988– and 1999– ) but I have never been so attached to such a little creature before. Bitoy is no ordinary hamster after all.

His departure grieved me for a long time… but I must get over it. I knew more “passings-away” would follow…

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  1. […] Twin brothers Boromir and Faramir. They are the authentic Lupindilayks. Not only because they are twins;
    they also resemble the color pattern of their old hammie. They are the heirs apparent. […]

  2. […] Mocha, wanting to forget the sad memory of his sister-wife Bebang II, returned to the land of his forefathers and was reunited with his parents and the twin. […]

  3. […] This is Bebang’s third and last set of offspring —
    a litter of eight. […]

  4. ang cute cute! katuwa nmn..buti p ang hamsters my web page..haha galing..namngha ako..hehe ^_^

    Tito Arleen 😎: Oo nga e…
    Buti pa sila may blog, kami ni Tita Choi mo wala (hehehe) …
    Mga daga kasi ang bida dito e — kami ekstra lang. 😆
    ‘Musta na kayo lahat dyan…? 😉

  5. ang galing 😀 dumedede din pla mga daga 😀

    ang ganda ng coffin ni bitoy 😀 isulat kaya kita sa ripley’s 😀

    homebodyhubby: sempre naman dumedede din yan kasi mga beybi din sila… 😉

    yung coffin kamagong yan. 😆

  6. ilan lahat ang mga alaga mo?

    homebodyhubby: hello, ‘angel’! 😀

    since August 2003, twenty hamsters na ang namatay kong mga alaga… as of today (15 Dec 2007), — 13 hamsters ang buhay… you may check this out if you wish — just click: 😉

    “My living hamsters”

    iisang NINUNO (si Bitoy at si Bebang) ang pinanggalingan nilang lahat.

  7. […] BITOY (Aug 2003 – 15 Nov 2004),
    …… AMBOY (04 Jun 2007 – ) […]

  8. […] The following month (September 2003), she offered us to adopt a pair of these hamsters. Her auntie didn’t want to keep these “bad luck” critters any longer, and was thinking of disposing all of them soon. (You have to squeeze your way in to reach the innermost end of this blog’s sub-terranean tunnel for details… Take this shortcut.) […]

  9. […] Hindi na ako masyadong magbibida, para may panahon kayong samahan akong mag-ikot-ikot dito sa IkawTubo bidyo. Ni-produced ito ng magigiting na mga salinlahi nina Mauslakas at Magandaga. 😆 […]

  10. hindi mo kilala ako pero gusto kong sabihin hindi maganda pag ded na kase his kyut very gigil end so wander ful his very kyut in da foto pero hindi maganda pag ded


    HBH: Of course I know that well, iha…
    But I am presenting a chronicle here — a ‘history’ of my hamsters, kumbaga. When you present a history, hindi naman ubrang yung magaganda lang ang ikukwento o ipapakita, di ba?

  11. galing galing clap clap clap im proud to say ako yata yung wife’s friend ni kuya robert hehehehe galing poh sobra


    Kuya Robert: Eyun, Grace… nilagyan ko ng link yung
    “my wife’s friend” sa itaas. ↑

    Dumami na ang salinlahi ← (click you) ng hamster pair na in-adopt namin mula senyo. That was about five years and eight months ago. 🙂

  12. […] Kabilang sina Syma at Amboy sa pampitong henerasyon mula sa unang pares ng hamsters na in-adopt namin nung September 2003. […]

  13. […] Syma was the last female descendant of the
    first pair. At 841 days, she lived the longest among
    all my female hammies. […]

  14. […] Syma and Amboy were the youngest descendants of the first pair… […]

  15. […] 2004 pa yan, posted sa kauna-unahang entry na ito. ↑ Unang hamster […]

  16. ————————
    Doray Daga
    […] Ako sa sahig na tinakbu-takbuhan ng aming ninunong si Bitoy.[…]

  17. […] Mas komportable itong dalhin kaysa sa mga naunang transport carriages kaya ubrang gawing ibakwesyon box
    in cases of emergency — Emergensi Vehikol At Cage na rin […]

  18. ————————
    Doray Daga
    2003 September – Bitoy & Bebang, born August,
    came in to become the pioneering settlers (1st generation) .
    Their first home was one of the two old (ancestral) cages
    which were used by the hammies of 1998.

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