The first-borns

This is the second litter. The three first-born sons belong here. There are four sets of twin — pairs of whites, mocha browns, banded browns, and banded blacks. I called this batch the Lupindilayks.

If you ask me what’s the meaning of that word, I tell you… I don’t know. It just came out because it sounded like look-alikes. That’s how I name my pets since I was a kid: whatever goes out spontaneously from my mind. Non-existing words, or existing names from the stories that I read or movies that I have seen. I don’t know my pets’ consensus — whether they love their names or not. I just know they respond whenever I call them by their names.

Twin brothers Boromir and Faramir. They are the authentic Lupindilayks. Not only because they are twins; they also resemble the color pattern of their old hammie. They are the heirs apparent.

This is one of the heirlooms. This is the second transport box of their father. The first one (not shown in here) is much smaller and not so comfortable for a grown-up hamster.

This is Bulwagang Bitoy (Bitoy Hall), constructed in April 2004 during the heydays of their father. The photo was taken in June 2004 when the twin inaugurated it. Bitoy didn’t want to stay here but had chosen his transport carriage as a ‘dorm cell’ during the day, and the ‘ancestral cage’ (bought for my hamsters of 1999) as a place to play by night.

On Bitoy’s first year in August 2004, the Lupindilayk Exercise Wheel was installed. Construction was underway for the annexation of Bebang’s pension house at left. At right will rise the future Ikabod tower, named after Bitoy’s first princess Grizzly Ikabod. Ikabod was the eldest in the first litter of six daughters. She perished prematurely in an accident in February 2004.

Bitoy had chosen not to stay in Bulwagang Bitoy. Even while he was still alive and strong he gave it to his heirs instead. So, Boromir and Faramir shared a common cage and wheel for a very long time. Since the wheel was narrowly designed to accommodate only one hamster at a time, they agreed to take turns to play during their active hours.

Faramir: “O, Kuya… ikaw naman!!!”

Boromir: “Ikaw na lang muna uli, ‘tol… parang gusto kong umeskapo!”

Sometimes when I give them food, they just ignore it, climb to my arm instead. But if I give them sunflower seeds, they engage themselves in a ‘hoarding race’ as to who can collect more seeds faster (agawan, parang mauubusan!), only to discharge and store the seeds on one common spot at the corner of the cage.

Upon reaching their eighth month however, the twin have had occasional squabbles. As shown in this photo, they both have half-healed minor wounds in their face or body. Yes, they were sleeping and snuggling together all day, but during the evening I had been hearing loud squeaking coming from the hall. Most of the time the cause was this: the little brother bugging his big brother (Sutil si Faramir, pikon si Boromir), and later on, big brother bullying little brother for no apparent reason. Big Boromir was stronger, but Little Faramir could outrun him.

After 10 months of living together (each already met his own bride), the fight grew so frequently and worst. One night a disturbing noise woke me up. I proceeded at once to the hall to find out the two little creatures wrestling, furs and sunflower seeds flying all over the place. It took me so hard to part them — without being bitten.

Of course they were not squabbling over inheritance. Animals don’t do that — people do. Animals act according to their nature, guided by their instinct. People act according to their choices based on their moral values. It’s so sad to think that there are lots of warm and so close sibling relationships that were severed only because each brother or sister is fighting for his or her ‘right’ over inheritance, or parental favor — in most cases with the ‘pushes’ of their concerned spouses.

It was time for these brothers to part ways. In their final showdown Faramir was badly beaten.

Why should it matter to me anyway? They couldn’t be blamed for that. Syrian hamsters were created just like that — SOLITARY. Changing that nature is beyond the scope of my concern and capability.

Boromir and Faramir shared lives for 11 months.

Sequel to this post. (21 Sep 2007)

  1. Separate lives (part 1). The weaker takes all.
  2. Separate lives (part 2). The humbled big brother.
  3. The prodigy son’s return.

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  1. they are so cute!
    how i wish i have one. just one. though two is better.

    homebodyhubby: pag nanganak uli pwede kitang bigyan, basta ‘kaw bahala sa kulungan.

    homebodyhubby: teka muna, ano nangyari dyan sa ‘avatar’ mo? ‘yaw na kitang bigyan baka kainin mo lang daga ko… 😯

    homebodyhubby: o ayan… ganyan! okey na ulit ‘avatar’ mo. anak ng pusa, matatakot kasi ang DAGA dun sa dati mo… 🙂

  2. […] I can not tell you for sure who among the twin came out first. Faramir was the smallest among the litter; I assumed that he was the youngest. […]

  3. […] Boromir was a typical big brother who always gave in to his little brother’s wishes. He was the ‘elder’ son and yet he got the old rugged ancestral cage as his playpen and his father’s transport carriage as his daytime sleeping box. […]

  4. […] Mocha Rurik was a light brown male, one of the three first-born sons. At the age of two months he left with his sister-wife Bebang II for Angono to live with my in-laws. […]

  5. […] Breeders do not recommend the mating of hamsters belonging to the same litter, so I paired the second litter
    with the third: I matched Boromir with MsBraun,
    Faramir with Warwik. […]

  6. […] The eight offspring of Faramir and Warwik at 33 days during their first day outside their litter cage for an ‘excursion’ in the Hall. […]

    […] Two of the Mochabebes — or the four daughters
    of Boromir and MsBraun: Snow White and Bebang III.
    The other two (Mocha browns) were given for adoption. […]

  7. may xplanasyon pala sa huli, kc ask ko nga sana bat nagkasama cla eh sabi mo nga solitary creatures cla. so ano yun? bihira ba yun o pwedeng may kasama pag bata pa at pag mya mga syota syota na e nag aaway na?

    imagine yung feeling mo nung ina awat mo cla, how much more p kaya yung nanay na nag rarambulan mga anak no??

    homebodyhubby: yung mga babaeng hamsters
    maagang nag-aaway-away pag magkakasama, kaya dapat paghiwalayin agad… yung mga boys mas matagal-tagal.
    so far yang si Boromir at Faramir ang pinakamatagal sa aking record, pero mukhang mabe-break ang record nila
    ng Boolagang boys ko ngayon — si Bebong II at Berio II
    (sa Dec 21 ko sila i-post).

    mahirap talaga para sa isang nanay yun… lalo na kung damulag ang mga anak? 😆 pero kadalasan naaawat ang pag-aaway nila pag ang nanay nila ay umiyak na hehe…

  8. […] Boolagang (1 year 1 month 16 days). Living offspring of Mochahontas. New ‘record breakers’ (you may want to check this out ►The Lupindilayks. […]

  9. […] Aktibo pa naman si Wigwam — panay ang tingala pagkagising sa gabi (gustong lumabas) kapag naramdaman kaming malapit sa retirement home nya. Sa hatinggabi,
    kung hindi panay ang kutkot (gusto talagang gumala) ,
    mahigit sa isang oras ding panay ang paikot sa pinaka- sinaunang gulong ng Bulwagang Bitoy. […]

  10. It’s quite rare for adult Syrians to live together in peace, 11 months is an extraordinary record. However, I am wondering why you decide to house them together from the start? That was like taking a risky chance, cause they could have started a fight to the death when you were not at home for a few hours 😦


    Homebodyhubby: Thank you for your concern, my fellow hammie-lover. 😉

    Would you believe that two of my Syrian male hammies
    (click this ► Boolaboys) , Bebong II and Berio II are living harmoniously together until today for almost 24 months?

    They both belong from a common litter of six pups,
    and they will be two years old this coming 5 March 2009… They eat together, play and tread wheel together, and snuggle to sleep together but never fight even once… On the contrary,
    I think they are enjoying each other’s company… You’re right — such a case is rare. (I always keep my eyes on them, though)
    By the way, I never leave my home…

    As to my other hamsters, do not worry, friend. I separated them on the very first indication of even the slightest fight.
    The case of the firstborns happened long time ago (early 2005) when I still have a few decent homecages.

  11. […] Hindi halos makapaniwala ang ilang kapwa ko hamster-person… May mga medyo nag-aalala pa nga.

    Nauunawaan ko. Kung pamilyar ka sa aming mga paboritong alaga, totoong hindi ubrang magsama-sama ang Syrian hamsters dahil solitary creatures sila. […]

  12. […] Kahit hirap na maglakad, nagagawa pa ni Wigwam
    na pumunta para mag-CR sa kabilang sulok ng haybol nya… Kaya sa kaunaunahang pagkakataon, kinailangang tanggalin muna ang Lupindilayk Wheel (installed more than three-generations back) para bigyang-luwag ang kinikilusan nya
    sa Bulwagang Bitoy. […]

  13. ————————
    Doray Daga
    2 lived between 4 and 6½ mos (14 and 20s) and perished due to accident or trauma. One of them was Grizzly Ikabod.

  14. […] Mas komportable itong dalhin kaysa sa mga naunang transport carriages kaya ubrang gawing ibakwesyon box
    in cases of emergency — Emergensi Vehikol At Cage na rin […]

  15. I am regular visitor, how are you everybody?
    This piece of writing posted at this site
    is in fact nice.

    Di ko a-lam kung ispamer ka, pro dahil tayps ko
    ang ginamit mong yUwaReL (hindi ko rin a-lam kung iyo)
    ay inaprub kita… 🙂 Tenkyu ha?

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