Separate lives (part 1)

The weaker takes all

Hamsters are born ‘naked’ and there is no way to tell what color their coats will be until they are about four days old. I can not tell you for sure who among the twin came out first. Faramir was the smallest among the litter; I assumed that he was the youngest.

In dispatching my ‘extra’ hamsters, the smaller and apparently weaker ones always win my favor. I am not a breeder. I am not concerned about keeping the best ones. Neither do I consider myself as a hamster expert. I am only hoping that a bigger and healthy hamster has greater chances of survival in case the owner-to-be has no prior experience in keeping hamsters as pets. I always tell them that their attitude towards the pet and their sense of responsibility are what really matter. Skills can be learned. Passion is the starting point, but persistence is the key to perfection.

It worked the same way on deciding who among those left with me will get the best home. So you got it… Faramir was the first in the list — he was the one chosen to stay in the Hall. He spend the rest of his life with Bulwagang Bitoy as his home enjoying its eight-inch- diameter wheel even during the hours after midnight.

Faramir was two years and 19 days when he died.

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  1. may “racial discrimination” din ba sa mga daga?
    kasi ako napapansin ko, yung pusakal eh galit sa imported na pusa? eh yung mga Dora rats 😀 ba eh hindi binibisita yang mga hammies mo? 😀
    at pinagsisisigawan cla ng unfair! unfair! unfair! 😆

    homebodyhubby: ay, yung isang daga ko — si Snowy, muntik na ma-RAPE ng isang DAGAgahasa! 😆
    check this out:

    The 17-day mother

  2. […] Ispidbol is indeed a weaker hamster compared to his brother Isnobol, and that is why he won my favor to be the steward of The Hall (This has been the rule ever since their first ancestors). […]

  3. […] Bugoy (2 yrs 3 mos 18 das) passed away on a same month and date (2007 Mar 31), exactly one year after his father Faramir (2 yrs 19 das) did (2006 Mar 31) . […]

  4. ————————
    Doray Daga
    • Bugoy (2 yrs 3 mos 18 das) died on a same month and date (2007 Mar 31), exactly one year after his father Faramir (2 yrs 19 das) did (2006 Mar 31). Bugoy is Faramir’s junior.

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