Daughters became mothers

Breeders do not recommend the mating of hamsters belonging to the same litter, so I paired the second litter with the third: I matched Boromir with MsBraun, Faramir with Warwik. Long before, I planned to breed by using hamster from a different source; I bought a female (I named her Buttercrust Blondieback) to be a wife to Boromir but she died while she was still a maiden.

Though Boromir & MsBraun were the first to get married than Faramir & Warwik, the later couple were the first to sire, outrunning the former by 47 days. (Once again Boromir only came out as second!) Warwik got eight of which three were boys (they will carry the family name!) — MsBraun got four, all girls!

Why, for heaven sake, does it seem that Faramir always got much favored than Boromir? (I could not help but remember the twin brothers Esau and Jacob of the old testament.) But did it matter to them anyway? Obviously it didn’t — for two good reasons: First they were carrying the same surname (they were brothers, right?), and second (which is much simpler), they were only hamsters. Not a single rodent has even the very least idea of what a rat-race is. Good for them… or else they will only be stressing themselves as humans do.

2005-01-11 (Warwikgang at 29 days)

This is Warwik with some of her offspring. Out of eight, I kept the three boys and had given the five girls for adoption.

2005-02-26 (Mochabebes at 28 days)

This is MsBraun with her four daughters. From here I kept two to be matched later with two of Warwik’s sons.

Both of them were good mothers. This was especially true for MsBraun who refused to reprimand her daughters when they were bugging her. Her daughters had a nasty habit of biting her tail and all she could do was to shriek or squeak. If Warwik’s litter were separated from their mother for the normal reason that the mother was beginning to become aggressive towards her nearly two-month old litter, in MsBraun case it was the opposite: MsBraun had to be separated from her litter because the litter were harassing their mother! Just imagine all these four big daughters bugging their already thinning mother! I was not expecting this for when these two mothers were young, it was the elder MsBraun who always bully her younger sister Warwik… “Waaar–wik, the squea–ker! Waaar–wik the squea–ker…!” A role can really change one’s nature.

MsBraun died of illness at 19 months and 23 days; Warwik died in her old age of 25 months and 22 days.

Later in the history of this clan of hamsters, a posthumous “Pinaka-martir ngunit Pinaka-uliran” (Most sacrificial yet ideal) award was cited for each of the two sisters. A sister-category award for Warwik, and a mother-category award for MsBraun. 😉 The sounds of alarm on the penthouse gate of the Pension House always bring back the memory of these two squeakers.

2007-05-19 (Mochahontas)

The Penthouse Gate and Alarm. Mochahontas, a great-granddaughter of MsBraun and Warwik, is the day’s gatekeeper.

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    and Warwik
    , given for adoption. […]

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  3. hmmnn nakaka tuwang isipin na pde pala talaga i relate sa buhay nating mga “tao” ang buhay nila, ang nkaka lungkot lang minsan, parang mas responsable pa cla at papasang “human” kesa sa ibang tao..

    may mga award award pa mga hammies mo ah
    ako kaya, miss sydbar award for most comments??? nyhaha 😆

    homebodyhubby: ewan ko ba… basta bigla ko na lang naiisip mga posts ko sa mga nakikita ko sa mga daga ko. 😛

    halos me comment ka na nga yata sa lahat ng post ko e. 😀
    ang ikinakaba ko lang… baka pag nabasa mo na lahat
    hindi ka na sumilip sa lungga ko? 😦

  4. nasa oct. archive pa lng ako 😀

    washus, empre, magkaka roon ka p nmn din uli ng bagong post ska, yung typ ng blog mo ang di nakaka sawa, sa videos lng, pde pa ulit ulitin, di tulad sakin :p

    ska ako, mahilig ako sa piktyurs 😀 kung mapapansin lng, khit sa ibang blogs, sa piktyurs ako madalas mag koment (uzi ks tlga aq 😆 )

    ska nga pla, ni se save ko mga pix ng hammies mo, copyryted ba? di ko nmn pa publish, para sakin lang 😀 ok lng ba?bka demanda mo ko, delete ko na :s

    homebodyhubby: walang kaso… maski yung mga piktyur ko walang copyright 😆 nyabang e no?

    damihan mo pa piktyur mo sa blog mo tyak dami pa punta dun hehe.

  5. ala na nga ako mailagay, ilang beses na ko napapagalitan sa mga pix 😆
    dami ko na natanggal – kabit dun, pag “napapagalitan” nyahaha

    homebodyhubby: ay nipapagalitan ta? batet?
    bata naman tun ano klate piktyul nilaladay mo dun?

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  10. ————————
    Doray Daga
    1 (first adopted, not from the first pair) lived for only over a month (equiv to a toddler in humans) and died of illness due to environmental stress. Buttercrust Blondieback

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