Mini polar bear

Siguro kung tao lang si Bitoy, matagal na nyang diniborsyo si Bebang.

2005-05-25 (Gandalf)

In every litter produced by the first pair there were always some whites: one, two and three in the first, second and third, respectively. No wonder, for Bitoy and Bebang were carriers of the albino genetic code. The first couple’s father was himself an albino. Mistisong kastila kung baga… 😆

Gandalf was the youngest among the third litter, and the youngest of the 22 hamsters of the second generation. By reason of his color (or the absence of it), I named him after a middle-earth wizard in Tolkien’s trilogy Lord of the Rings. I also called him Gandalf-pola because he looked to me as a small polar bear and his eyes were colored red (kulay-pola ang mata).

Timid and shy. Nervous and clumsy, frequently looks disoriented… Afraid of high places — always likes to climb but afraid and hesitant when going down, which usually ends up with unglamorous fall… That was my Gandalf.

2005-05-06 (Gandalf)2005-05-11 (Gandalf)

Doesn’t refuse to be handled, but nips fingers that get through their way inside his cage… A habitual sleeper under his ‘bed sheet’. Upon waking up in the late afternoon, patiently waits for a treat on the top deck of his cage… Another inventive wheel-turner… These were just some of his unforgettable traits.

Gandalf lived for 26 months and 14 days. He was definitely not immortal like Gandalf the wizard, but Gandalf the hamster’s memory was immortalized by the endless journey round the circle of the Wheel that was named after him.

2007-10-08 (Wigwam)

Gandalf’s great-grandson Wigwam Wigglerson reviewing the finishing touches of Gandalf’s Wheel.

Ispidbol is sleeping in the Hall at the background.

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