First cousins

The third generations (two groups) exhibited all what I supposed to be the only five possible fur color and pattern that could be expected (considering the color pattern of the first ancestral pair) — black, brown, white, banded black and banded brown.


See “Mochabebes”

2005-01-15 (Warwikgang)

These are the eight offspring of Faramir and Warwik at 33 days during their first day outside their litter cage for an ‘excursion’ in the Hall. The three boys, whom I later named collectively as the Harurendilayk, were shown here: Bebong (banded brown) and Bugoy (banded black) under the wheel, and Blakdyak, the black one at the back of the wheel. (Stitch, a black girl, and other four female whites were given for adoption.)

2005-05-31 (Harurendilayk)2005-05-20 (Harurendilayk)

The Harurendilayk got along well up to more than six months. On their eighth month, they had to be separated because they started to fight one another.

Wall-climbing Karera ng Dagâ” (RODENT-RACE) VIDEO

And the winner is…!???

(Tawa ka d’yan? 😆 …mag-comment kasi kayo!)

This video reminds me of a story of three brothers, where the two elder brothers always ‘conspired’ to bully their youngest skinny brother when they were kids. As they grew up, the vindictive youngest brother sowed hatred in his heart. In time he turned out to be more ‘fortunate’ than the two. He became self-righteous and arrogant, thinking he was the only good and responsible son. He has reached the top — or so he thinks. “Away-bata lang yun, dyunyor…” (This is only another human story anyway, not my hamsters’)

At maturity, Bebong’s eyes differ from each other in color — the right is transparent or crystal red, the left has a deeper color. Bebong was big and strong since young, and obviously an able-bodied fighter, but always stayed out of trouble (because he is so pikon — isn’t that obvious in the previous video?). When he matured he was gentle and relaxed in composure. Yawns a lot… Upon waking up, “wiggles” on his back. During his active hours, ignores the treat in my hand and climbs to my arm instead.

I called Blakdyak the “peek-a-boo” hamster (If you noticed him near the lower left corner in the first part of the video, you know why). Si Blakdyak ang dagang ‘may sariling mundo’… Initially wary but friendly, refusing to be cuddled but doesn’t bite. A late-riser but very active until after two o’clock in the morning. At midlife, he has grown a lot bigger than Bebong.

Bugoy was Faramir’s junior, the smallest but vocal, with the loudest and most pronounced “peet-peet” (echoic) sound. Explorative… hyperactive and very persistent. In the video he was the one who managed to get to the top. Peculiar sleeping habit — awake in the morning until up to 11am. When given a treat, receives it with his teeth, while grasping my fingers with his forepaws.

See “Mochabebes”


Like their predecessors, the third generations passed swiftly before my eyes like a chain of railway cars in a train station. Hamsters are just that — short-lived (2-3 years average lifespan). They come and go, but as the old ones depart, new ones arrive in quick succession (four-day estrus cycle, 16-day pregnancy period, 6-12 babies per litter).

Snow White was the first to go at an early age of 19 months and 17 days due to a neck tumor that seemed to appear only immediately right before her death. Bebang III perished solemnly next at 22 months and 8 days.

A week after Bebang III’s departure, Blakdyak followed at midnight past his second birth date (so he lived 24 months and 1 day). Bebong passed away at age 27 months and 2 days. Sixteen days later, Bugoy followed (27 months and 18 days).

Bugoy, the last one to perish, was the most notable of all. He showed so many similarities with his father Faramir. Bugoy almost died earlier when he got sick simultaneously with his son Berio. His son didn’t make it, but Bugoy recovered and regained his strength to live 37 more days. During that time, he got loose out of his cage one night, passed thru our house door unnoticed, and got outside where stray toms were lurking; fortunately he was timely seen and recovered. He died of old age on the 31st day of March, the same month and date when his old hammy Faramir died a year earlier.

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