The “3½th” generation

2006-07-04 (Arrow & Beria)

Arrow (at left) and Beria on their first-year birthday. Partially hidden at the back was the 27-month & 22-day old Mocha Rurik, then the steward of the Hall after the death of the Lupindilayk twin.

Arrow and Beria were products of the union of Gandalf (2nd generation) and StitchWarwik’s daughter who was given for adoption. Since Warwik was a sister of Gandalf (both were members of a common litter) — Stitch (a sister to Warwik’s sons Harurendilayk) was a 3rd generation hamster. In simple words, the Gandalf-Stitch paring was an uncle-and-niece marriage relationship.

Calling this new litter as the 4th generation (their mother being a 3rd generation hamster) would make Gandalf their grandpa, not their father; calling them as another 3rd generation would place them just equal with Stitch, their mother. To make the matter less complicated(?), I have chosen to classify this particular litter as the “3½th” generation. Lucky we humans for discouraging such incestuous relationship; otherwise, imagine how confusing life can be. 😆

Gandalf (white) and Stitch (black) sired six banded blacks and two banded browns. That is why I named this litter the Banderitos.

Arrow was a banded black male, stout-bodied and round-face. His name was derived from the arrow-shaped black pattern on his back. He was so orderly in his cage, consistent as to what spot to urinate. Warm and snappy, persistently hyperactive. During his active hours, so impatient to get out of the cage; and once outside, refuses to be handled, wrestles with my hand. Upon getting tired, doze off along his cage’s ladder, or on the wheel, with head dangling down — like a dead mouse.

Arrow rocks his cradle wheel

Arrow’s bane — a living space turned into a lethal chamber. He could have lived longer if I was able to foresee the perils of staying here on a very hot summer day.

Beria, bored inside her cage

Beria was a banded black female. She was small and petit, with a very cute face. Her size was the basis of my giving her her name for when she was young she was small like a Siberian hamster. Hyperactive and snappy. Quite snob and a tomboy. A homebody, hesitates before leaving her cage for a stroll.

Beria became the wife of Bebong, but the two were not able to sire because like Snowy, Beria had birthing problem. She was less fortunate than Snowy though, for she didn’t survive the complication. But despite her infirmity Beria died fighting the good fight. She left the family on a Christmas eve at a young age of 17 months and 21 days.

2006-12-25 (Beria) with Bebong & Arrow

Beria’s bereaved loved ones — brother Arrow on Arrowangkada wheel at left, and husband Bebong on the Pension house rooftop at right. (photo taken on morning of Christmas day, 2006)

Arrow became the husband of Isnowitwit, sole daughter of Blakdyak and Snow White. Before he died, Arrow fathered three hamsters. He perished suddenly due to environment-induced stress (much to my deepest grief and guilt) on the hottest month of the year — on the day when his daughter Mochahontas gave birth to his grand offspring, the Boolagang. His age was 20 months and two days.

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  1. […] Berio was a banded black male, son of Bugoy and Bebang III, and belonging to the first litter of the 4th generations. Like Beria, his name was derived from the word Siberian because at his young age, he was very small. […]

  2. […] But like Snowy and the elder Beria, she got birthing problems. […]

  3. wow! may bday cake pa! daig pa bday ko ah 😆

    galing naman ni beria, may nalalaman pang “reverse body wheeling” hehe

    kaw ba din ba musical scorer ng mg videos mo? nys choices eh, mukang may pagka rakista ka ah 😀

    homebodyhubby: ndaya mo naman bat dito ka punta? hehe me tanong pa ko dun sa huli comment mo.

    lahat video gawa ko, laro-laro lang hindi masyado seryoso.

    hilig ko rock music nung college ako… hindi naman ako magaling tumugtog puro sa bahay lang. peborit ko nun yung mga tipong pandurugista paris ng “Queen” kung inabot mo. ngayon peborit ko christian rock music group na “Petra”.

  4. 😯 hindi ka magaling tumugtog? pero madunong ka??? ano? gitara? bass? ano???? 😀

    homebodyhubby: gitara lang konting dunong lang… nuon. 😆

  5. wow, sabi na eh. may palagay akong madunong ka nga 😀 na feel ko lang hehe 😆

    homebodyhubby: nuon pa yun… pero 🙄 pano mo na-feel?

  6. bsta lang 😀 ewan ko, bsta parang na se sense ko kung madunong mag gitara ang isang guy 😀 weiiirdddd 😆

    homebodyhubby: indi lahat marunong mag-gitara weird… pero ako, talaga weird marami nagsasabi — maski yung best friend ko. 😆

  7. inde, i mean, weird ko kc na se sense ko yun, inde yung madunong mag gitara ang weird 😀 above all, pinaka hanga ako sa madunong mag gitara eh.

    yung hubby ko este ex pala eh member ng band nung and2 pa xa sa pinas 😀

    homebodyhubby: ah, i see… hehe
    marami naman, naiinlab sa magaling magbasketbol. e hindi ako marunong magbasketbol. buti na lang misis ko wala din hilig basketbol. 😆

  8. […] Isnowitwit Kotonbol (25 Mar 2006 – 11 February 2008) . Spouse: Arrow […]

  9. […] Beria (the elder) passed away at a young age
    (1 yr 5 mos 21 das) in 2006, on a Christmas eve. […]

    […] Arrow (1 yr 8 mos 2 das) passed away prematurely
    on the day his grand offspring, the Boolagangs were born
    (2007 Mar 05) , 11 days after the Boolagang’s father,
    the elder Berio (1 yr 2 mos 28 das) perished. […]

  10. […] Parentage: Arrow + Isnowitwit Kotonbol […]

  11. […] Parentage: Arrow + Isnowitwit Kotonbol […]

  12. […] Parentage: Arrow + Isnowitwit Kotonbol […]

  13. […] Wigwam Wigglerson is the last living descendant of Gandalf through son Arrow. […]

  14. […] Kelangang i-renovate e. Kasi, kahit ganun na nga ang disenyo ng bubong, kulang pa rin sa ventilation ang dating ‘terrarium’. Mainit dito sa tinitirhan namin… hindi nga ba’t ang init sa bahay-daga na ito ang pinagsususpetsahang ikinamayapa ng una’t huling residente nito na si Arrow? […]

  15. […] Hindi na pede, yunow… last chance na nila yun. Lalagpas na sa six months ang edad ni Doray — high-risk pregnancy na… Mahirap na, baka matulad pa sya sa iba kong wishing-to-be-nanay na mga alaga. 😦 […]

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  16. ————————
    Doray Daga
    Beria (the elder) passed away at a young age
    (1 yr 5 mos 21 das) in 2006, on a Christmas eve.

    Arrow (1 yr 8 mos 2 das) died prematurely on the day
    his grand offspring, the Boolagangs were born (2007 Mar 05)
    — 11 days after the Boolagang’s father, the elder Berio
    (1 yr 2 mos 28 das) perished.

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