On births … and deaths

Today is what the ‘world’ celebrates as the All Saints’ Day. Pinoys popularly call it Undas, Araw ng mga patay, Pista ng mga patay, or — as our older folks refer to it — by its spanish equivalent Todos los Santos. Bugtong, or riddles, usually abound during these times when I was young.

Now… before you die (I hope it won’t be soon enough so that you will be given ample time on this — ), I want to leave you a two-millennium-old paradox(?), or ‘riddle’ for you to ponder upon.

Have you heard about this:

  • ONE birth, TWO deaths ?
  • TWO births, ONE death ?

This, in fact, is not just a riddle — these two are your only options. And if you are living at these times, well-informed enough to use a computer and browse or surf the internet, even if you do not make a choice, you are left stuck at the first option.

Hamsters, or any animals, have only ONE birth, ONE death; but each person (that includes you) — unless he or she is a faithful believer of and will be caught up in the ‘Blessed Hope’ (in which case there is TWO births and NO death) — has to ‘pick’ one out of the two choices. I am not scaring you. This is not a threat, only a warning. There is nothing new in it and my only basis is the Scriptures. I have to tell you that the faithful believers I am referring to above have chosen the second option. If you want to know more, you can post your questions to me as a comment. I will answer your questions via your e-mail.

Or if you prefer, you can just click on the links below and ask me about it later.