Twelve… or thirteen?

What is so special about the number 12? Or the number 13? Is there, really?

The ‘love’ for the number 12 dates back during the times of the Romans who had weighs and measurements based on the duodecimal system of base twelve. The Romans in turn owed it to the Sumerian who might have used the human hand as an abacus by using the 12 articulation or phalanges of the four fingers. Look at your palm. Don’t you worry, I won’t give a damn thing to tell your fortune there because I do not rely on palmistry or any fortune-telling… Just look at your palm. Each of the four fingers should be distinctly divided into three by the joints — unless there is something peculiar with your hand (I mean NO offense if this exception applies to you). Three divisions for each of the four fingers make 12 divisions or articulations. The thumb was excluded because that was used as the pointer for counting.

This hypothesis is, as yet, unproven but this method of easy counting does exist and is still in use today in the middle East and some parts of India (source: TIME by Alexander Waugh). I will not go on detail how the Sumerian used it; my point is the number 12 was that significant.

Seven thousand years later, today we still buy eggs by the dozen, watch our clock on a 12-hour basis, and count the length of the year by 12 months. Twelve may be a complete or, as you may say, a ‘lucky’ number. …I DON’T say it is.

Thirteen, on the other hand, for some is ‘hated’ or associated with something odious or unwanted. The thirteenth day of the month is even worse if it falls on a Friday. Some horror movies are titled “Friday the 13th”, the “13th Ghost”, and “13 (thirteen)” — as what my wife was watching on cable TV channel last night. Some architect or building designers stay away from making a plight of stairs ending on a thirteen. On high-raised structures, thirteenth floors are usually denied of their real identification. Some parents may even find the number ominous — for by this age their sons or daughters are starting to become ‘explorative’ and rebellious. I only found one instance where the number 13 is favorable: in workers and employees eagerly expecting their 13th month bonus. Malapit na, mga bosing…! pa-meryenda naman kayo… 😆

Twelve and thirteen may have some significant meaning still clouded in mystery. But why bother to know something which is mysterious? The Bible says:

The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this law.

Deuteronomy 29:29 (NIV)

Pero bakit ganun? Eto na ngang matagal nang nakasulat ayaw basahin at sundin. Samantalang yung mga kung anu-anong bagong ‘kaalaman’ na hindi mo naman sigurado kung saan nanggaling, ngayon pa lang nagsisisulputan ay yun pa ang nakahihiligang alamin?

If you believe in the BIBLE, well stick to it; if you believe in ancient or modern MYSTICISM, well good for you, so be it. Pero alam nyo namang magkataliwas yan, kaya huwag nyong paghalu-haluin. Para kayo nyang mga balimbing.

Okey… read all the books that you want to read. …I do. Watch all the movies you want to see. I have seen even movies like the “Da Vinci code”. Haven’t seen it yet? go ahead watch it. …now, what? Am still here — unshaken. We should have an opened mind. But take heed. Listen to what other people say but do not just believe or do everything what they say. It’s your choice… it’s your life anyway.

Then why I am talking about the number 13?

Well… nothing so significant. It just so happened that this is the number of my hamsters living today. No big deal…

Thirteen? …unlucky number?

Today may not be a Friday, but still is November the 13th. If I do believe and rely on good or bad luck, I’d rather NOT be posting today.

Twelve, thirteen — or any number, are just that: …numbers.

Good day to all. 😉