Tukso… layuan mo ako?

Wigwam and Teepee are the twin son and daughter of the teenage couple Mochawonka the “wiggler” and Isnohontas Kotonbol.

Wigwam Wigglerson is the husband of the departed Beria-girdel, a Boolagang. Beria-girdel died because of birthing problem, leaving Wigwam a widower.

Teepee Pompom is the wife of Ispidbol. The post entitled Baog na Daga explains why Ispidbol and Teepee have no hammies of their own.

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Wigwam’s morning exercise

Hamsters are also active during the very early morning. Wigwam is shown here ‘warming down’ in preparation for his all-day sleep, to wake up again at around 5pm for another ‘warming up’ for the approaching activity in the evening.

Teepee’s vocal languages

The sound you heard is typically exhibited by males. I presume that this is their expression of loneliness, boredom or drowsiness.

Ispidbol is the hamster in the bigger cage at left. Teepee is the white one at right. The sounds they make are the hamsters’ SEX and MATING call languages.

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