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An exceptional bRATherhood

Today is December 21, a ‘moment’ in a year known to astronomers and meteorologists as winter solstice. The winter season “officially” begins today in the Northern hemisphere, where the daytime is at its shortest and the nighttime at its longest. The sun rises and sets at its farthest southward reach in the eastern and western horizon. Those at the Arctic circle (near the North Pole) are experiencing 24 hours of ‘sunless’ nighttime each day.

(In the Southern hemisphere, the reverse is true: longest day and shortest night; people who live there are now enjoying a warm summer Christmas! Hello to you and your wife, my best and greatest friend in Adelaide! Rain’s here, solo nyong mag-asawa ngayon ang ‘mundo’! 😉 )

winter solstice sunset

This photo was taken a few hours ago today (Dec 21). The sun sets at left — a point in the western horizon far from the power line and the faint mountain at right (compare this with my SUNSET photos).

Most rodents in the wilds have been hibernating underneath their burrows, sleeping most of the day, waking up from time to time to nibble some of their stored food to keep themselves warm and alive.

For hamsters, the onset of the cold season is quite of little significance. Hamsters are nocturnal and hoarders in nature, spending most of the daytime sleeping, waking up in the night to get some food. But of course during the winter, they almost never get out of their burrows like their distant cousins.

For Bebang-girdel this sleeping trait is somewhat at its extreme. She is my most lazy and drowsy hamster, putting the Maine coon cat Garfield into shame.

Bebang-girdel is a banded orange Boolagang, the only surviving daughter of Berio and Mochahontas. Because of what had happened to her banded brown counterpart sister Beria-girdel, I decided to make her a celibate hamster for the rest of her life. It is not my objective to deprive her of her sexual urges — I just don’t want her to die early, that’s all. I want her to live her lifespan at its fullest.

Fortunately on her part, Bebang-girdel rarely gets into “heat”.

Two Boolagirls on their 2nd month together

Bebang-girdel is the hamster at the deck, Beria-girdel is the one below.

I appended the “girdel” in their names because both have a girdle-like band of color pattern underneath their abdomen.

A third Boolagirl named Chocho was given for adoption. She died while staying with her foster owner, leaving her husband Isnobol with their 28-day old babies, Syma and Amboy. (More about my two youngest hamsters on 28 Dec 2007)

On their 3rd month, Beria-girdel began do harass Bebang-girdel, I needed to separate them.

Bebang-girdel in a ‘Hamtaro’ pose

Drowsy Bebang-girdel

Aside from eating and engaging herself into a frequent body-grooming frenzy, what you saw are Bebang-girdel’s ‘favorite habits’ — stretching and yawning.

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An exceptional bRATherhood

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First cousins

[ Hehehe… ito ang talagang pakyaw — apat na links agad! ]

Syrian hamsters are solitary in nature. A male and a female only meet to mate. Aside from that, when two mature hamsters meet, they will immediately fight to the point of killing each other. I have seen it so many times — it’s like two fluffy balls fused into one, rolling violently on the floor nobody could part them without himself being bitten.

Male hamsters belonging to a common litter can get along together well as they grow up. Females are more likely to fight both males and females after around day 21. This is probably because females are more territorial.

When hamsters are in a “rubbing frenzy” they are actually depositing their scent coming from a pair of glands on their flanks. An indication of a hostile hamster is the “clacking” or “gnashing” of its two pairs of incisor teeth. A more ‘deadlier’ language is a hamster on its back with its mouth partly open. Whenever you see these signs, beware!

If you read the story of the Lupindilayk twin (“The Firstborns”) you can see that Boromir and Faramir started their sibling squabble on their 8th month of staying together (They were separated on the 11th month). Eight months was quite a RECORD. Until the Boolaboys came in, BREAKING that record. Berio’s sons are still sharing home together on their 9th month without the slightest sign of misunderstanding.

Boolaboys sharing cage and wheel

Bebong II and Berio II are banded males belonging to the Boolagang litter. I called them the Boolaboys. There’s a third one, a white brother named Hamty. Hamty was given for adoption and is still alive today.

Are you familiar with ‘d “Pink Panther”? If not, ask your father who he was. Pink Panther is my ‘punch line’ in the second video.

If you read Berio’s story and have seen his ‘horror’ video, you must know by now that he died a mysterious death before the Boolagang was born, and that he was ‘undertaken’ by his younger cousin Ispidbol in this same old house (setting of the video). Since the cause of his early death was still clouded in mystery, his sons decided to conduct a thorough investigation in the house. 😆

Boolaboys on the Pension House investigation

Wala ding nakuhang “lead” ang ating mga NBI* fRODENTsic — ehe! — forensic experts pala! Nag-amoy-amoy lang at nagtalon-talon ang dalawang harungas.
*NBI — Naulila ni Beriong Imbestigada 😆 Hindi nila kayo…
T A T A N T A N A N !!!

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