Kulang sa pansin (Part 1)

Boolagirls (♀)Boolagirls (♀)

The Boolagirls Beria-girdel and Chocho. Playing on the wheel together.

Chocho (a name later given by her girl pet-owner) was a Boolagang for adoption. Before living this family, she was given as wife to Isnobol and the mating was successful. She was almost three months old then (just one day short) when she gave birth to the Chochobebes (The Boolagang’s birthday was March 5; the Chochobebes, June 4).

I cannot say that the new mother was inexperienced, I’d rather say that it was her new owners. It was my fault — I failed to stress on telling them that most hamsters don’t want to be watched while giving birth, especially if it is the maiden birth. In fact, even after a few days, I would discourage an owner not to become overly inquisitive to look at the newborns (sobra sa pansin?). Otherwise, it may be the only sight of them he will ever get.

Some of the babies died moments after birth, some after a few days. So what was left of the litter which was supposed to have about six was only three.

On their fourth day, at about five o’clock in the morning, Chocho got out from her cage unnoticed by her owners leaving her still suckling babies. She was nowhere to find! Her owners told us this and I advised them to send the babies to me at once. Chocho didn’t show up for one whole day.

“What am I supposed to do!!!?” These are rodents — so small and fragile, not like dogs or cats. And they were only 4-days old! O help me God!

What I did was to dip a piece of thread in a milk (my wife bought a Ucare powdered milk just for this) and let the three small starving creatures take a sip from it whenever they open their mouths. I did that very carefully or else they might get drowned.

At 6 pm, our friend happily sent a text message to us: Chocho finally showed up from her hiding place — a pile of shoes in a rack. Fortunately she didn’t get out of the house, where cats and dogs and all sorts of possible dangers abound.

I told them to send the mother to me at once because I knew that the “reunion” would be so delicate. For a hamster, that more than 12 hours is very long enough — it is possible that the mother could has forgotten that she has a litter and might kill or eat them up.

The reunion was quite funny. I was sorry I didn’t ‘video’ it. Chocho’s eyes were so widened due to what I thought was an expression of puzzled amazement as she saw her three pups squirming — she was trying to run away from them! So I held her by the scuff of loose skin at the back of her neck and let the babies suck from her. Moments later the mother felt comfortable with them. I managed to shoot a video of them before sending them back to their owner the following day.

Mama Chocho with her babies

Napaka-maasikaso ni Chocho. Mga nanay, padadaig ba kayo sa isang daga lang!?

At kayong mga nanay-to-be (o maski kayong mga dalaga pa):

Panuorin nyo pagkatapos nito yung powerpoint presentation dyan sa baba…

Their story didn’t end here though.

When the babies were 12 days old, our friend’s daughter (the real pet-owner and care-giver) texted my wife telling us that one of the babies fell from the cage (they hanged the cage at the ceiling so that cats or ants couldn’t reach them) and died. Our friend sent them back to us once more because their daughter (the care-giver) was busy in her studies, and she was quite “guilty” for what had happened. That was when I shot their 13th day video (the following day). After a few days the girl was missing her hammies I sent them back again.

On their weaning age (about 21 days old), the girl texted us again saying that the bigger one of the two hamsters was harassing her younger sibling — including her mother. It was time for the babies to be separated, I thought. And since the girl has only one cage for all these hammies, she asked us to take care of the two small ones and let alone Chocho stay with her.

So the weaned babies was sent back to us for ‘fostering’. After about a week, Chocho died to the anguish of her girl owner. 😦 Our friends discouraged their daughter to own a hamster again for some time.

That is why these two youngest hamsters are now with this family, ‘reunited’ to Isnobol their father. And that was when Syma (a girl) and Amboy (a boy) got their names.

Well. This story of the mother and her babies was long enough it deserves a separate post. More of Syma and Amboy on the next two posts later today:


• “Kulang sa pansin” Part 2 (28 December 2007)

• “Bakit isa, bakit dalawa?” (28 December 2007)



WARNING: This presentation (.pps) may make you feel

uncomfortable (better if it does), but I want it for your eyes to see.

Be ready to explain it to the kids if ever there are some around.

slide “A letter from an unborn baby”



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  1. minsan npkahirap tlga maintindihan kung bkit gingawang recourse yung abortion pag nahaharap na sa “problema at kahihiyan”… magaling gagawa ng problema taz ang gus2ng solusyon yung madali din..

    pero ask ko na din, wats ur stand nmn kung abortion yung advisable medical option? lyk in danger yung nanay or ung bata na din? dpt bang i risk n see wat hapens or do wat is deemed necessary?

    homebodyhubby: hindi ko pa masabi hangga’t hindi nangyayari sa amin…

    pero —
    kung ako yung BABAE, iri-risk ko ang buhay ko;
    kung ako yung LALAKI, SIGURO ibibigay ko na lang yung anak ko — kung SIGURADONG delikado at kung TALAGANG yun lang ang option. 😦

    pero ewan ko din… minsan ang medical findings ang “hindi sigurado” e. may mga alam kasi akong nag-take ng risk pero by FAITH wala namang nangyari. tutuong buhay ito ha? 😉

  2. […] When Syma and Amboy were sent to us for the last time, Syma couldn’t be restrained from harassing her helpless and nervous skinny little brother. […]

  3. […] Hamsters usually open their eyes when they are about two weeks old. When the Chochobebes were sent to us for the third time, Syma’s eyes were both open, but in case of Amboy, it was only one. […]

  4. ako din, hindi ko alam kung ano gagawin ko if faced with a decision that would call for abortion or another life. pero tama ka, kung may faith, everything would turn out okay. i always believe that.

    homebodyhubby: totoo yun kengks… 😉
    hamo mamaya ikwento ko dito.

  5. sabi ko “mamaya” pero inabot na ko ng “kinabukasan. 😛 eto yung kwento ko:

    kaopisina at kaibigan namin si Cora. mga 35 na siguro sya
    nung nag-asawa. may congenital heart disease sya (that means inborn) — may butas ang puso nya at sort of isang “ventricle” lang ang nagpa-function sa pag-pump ng dugo nya.
    ang tawag ko nga sa kanya ay “pusong-manok” kasi ang manok anatomically isa lang ang ventricle ng heart. sa tao dalawa,
    pero yung kay Cora, parang isa lang ang “gumagana.”

    hindi naiwasan nabuntis sya. delikado sa kanya ang maglabor
    sa panganganak, o maski ang maopera — maski cesarean. so walang choice… dapat talaga harapin nya. nuon akala namin mamamatay na sya dahil para syang buteteng laot na payat. ang description nga ng byenan nyang babae sa kanya para syang isang vietnamese refugee na kung ilang linggong hindi pinakain (kasi singkitin din sya).

    sa madaling kwento, nalagpasan nya ang lahat. naipanganak
    nya ang baby nya. normal or cesarean hindi ko na matandaan (tanong ko kay misis mamaya pag uwi), anyway parehong delikado sa kanya yun — my point is itinuloy nya ang pagbubuntis niya. pero kung anu-anupang sakit ang dumapo sa kanya, tulad ng breast cancer na dinadaan at napapagaling naman ng ganoderma — kasi nga, delikado sa kanya ang magpaoera.

    nabuhay pa si Cora ng 14 years. last year lang sya namatay. nung mabalitaan ko, talaga namang napaupo na lang ako at medyo nangilid ang luha ko sa mata. hindi man lang sya nakita ng mga kaibigan nya kasi mahigpit ang bilin nyang huwag na syang iburol at i-cremate agad sya. 😦

    magsi-16 years old na this coming year ang solong babaeng anak nila — inaanak din ito ni misis dahil talaga namang namakyaw ng mga ninangs ang ina! 😆

    naisipan kong ikwento ito dito dahil napakalaki ng kanyang FAITH. within those 14 years, parati syang ready dahil alam nyang any moment pwede syang kunin ng Panginoon.

  6. nakakabilib si miss cora, tama, faith saves…


    minsan nga lang hindi sa pangangahulugan mong personal ng “save/s” ang nangyayari…

    labo? malabo kasi akong magisip e..toinks!

    homebodyhubby: ambiguous talaga yang word na “save”.
    na-gets ko naman… 🙄 siguro! boiiinks!

  7. Hello to All the Guests and Members,
    I am only looking for information, that is most popular about anything, but only legal and not adult.

    homebodyhubby: hi, floydculpin… i’d seen your site,
    and your right — you’ve got a damn ‘nice’ blog!

    more power searchin… and thanks for dropping by.

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    ang bigla at maagang pagkawalay ng dalawa sa kanilang ina? Kung natatandaan nyo ang istorya nila, isang maghapon ding aksidenteng nawala ang nanay nila; nahanap naman uli, pero hindi nagtagal ay maaga ring namayapa. […]

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