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Last night, a couple of hours ago (11 pm), Isnowitwit succumbed to respiratory illness due to old age.

Isnowitwit Kotonbol
( 25 Mar 2006 – 11 February 2008 )

Etymology of name: color and appearance

English equivalent: Snow-witwit Cottonball

Gender: female

Color: white

Parentage: Blakdyak + Snow White

Generation: 4th

Litter group: Chiaroscurogang

Spouse: Arrow

Hamsterlings: 3 (only one litter)

Lifespan: 22 months 17 days

Cause of death: respiratory illness due to old age.

Grandma hamster Isnowitwit Kotonbol at 16 months 23 days (wheel scene) and at 20 months 29 days (cheese-eating scene). The glass enclosure, the Harurendilayk playpen, is where her husband Arrow used to live and had prematurely perished.

Traits and characteristics: Small at her young age but has grown big at midlife. Round body and fluffy fur, like a cotton ball. Tail peculiarly pointed up. Persistent to get out of her cage but wary at first; even when already halfway out of her cage, moves back in — backwards — if unsure about the situation outside. When tired or drowsy, has a sleeping habit of placing her head on the food container, like an ostrich burying its head in the sand. At old age, “shrunk” to a small size and became acrobatic, can traverse the roof of her homecage’s ceiling in a monkey-like fashion.

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