Just a Beginning

For Husband and Wife ( Day 3 of 18 )
JUST SHARING (from the “
Couple’s Devotional Bible”)
This article’s author: Susan Alexander Yates
Bible Passage: 2 Chronicles 6:12-21

Key Verse: 2 Chronicles 6:14

“…there is no God like you in heaven or on earth – you who keep your covenant of love with your servants who continue wholeheartedly in your way.”

Marriage is a covenant relationship – not a contract. By covenant, I mean marriage is a permanent commitment. Viewing marriage this way gives us security and freedom. Under covenant, I have a lifetime to learn how to bond together as one with my husband. The “I do” I said on my wedding day was not the culmination of a relationship, but the beginning of a new commitment to work on my relationship with my husband for the rest of my life.

Covenant provides us with the challenge to grow in our marriage. If I’m committed for the long haul, I can either live in solitude, emotionally divorcing myself, or I can build friendship with my husband by working on communication and continuing to discover new things about him.

In a sense, then, covenant encourages me to know my husband – and my husband to know me. And it gives us a lifetime to grow together in deep friendship.


Describe the difference between a covenant and a contract.

Why does a binding agreement like the marriage covenant actually provide a context of freedom for you and your spouse?

Additional Scripture Readings: Malachi 2:13-16; 2 Corinthians 1:20

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  1. ang cute naman..

    nga pala.. add mo naman po ako sa blogroll mo. bago lang kasi ako eh.


    ^ang buhay ng isang kolboy slash macho dancer na nursing stud…

    salamat poh!

    homebodyhubby: ahehe… kolboy as in sa kolcenter?
    buti may taym ka pa magblog.

    ngayun ko lang kita koment mo — sinala ng akismet.

  2. wow, mukang 18 days kay may regular post ah 😀 sana nabasa ko p dati to b4 😀

    now, marriage is more of a compromise…

    homebodyhubby: uu… para makarinig naman ng testimony ng iba. 😛

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