How’re the hammies?

Hamsters’ average lifespan is between 2 and 3 years. Perhaps that explains why they do everything at top speed? They don’t have a long life to live – at least from our point of view.

My 11 hammies, a rundown:

Chiaroscurogang (2 years 27 days). To humans, this is equivalent to more or less 80 years.

My oldest seniors spend most of their time sleeping and less of wheel-turning. Isnobol’s white fur is already thinning and losing its luster. Ispidbol’s movements are now less snappy and much slower.

Panapanagang (1 year 6 months 23 days). New senior citizens (18 months for hamsters are considered seniors years).

Mochahontas is still grumpy at her age, but her bites are ‘moderated.’ Mochawonka is still very active and always wants to get out of his cage, still ‘wiggles’ when handled. Isnohontas is the biggest, and yet my most human-friendly female hamster. She sleeps a lot nowadays, seldom shows an interest to go out for an exercise.

PanapanaIIgang (1 year 4 months 23 days). This litter is only 60 days younger than their parents, Mochawonka and Isnohontas.

Like his father, Wigwam always wants to get out of his cage, jumps from an elevated position without hesitation. Teepee has a rounder but stouter body than her mother. She is not that bitey anymore.

Boolagang (1 year 1 month 16 days). Living offspring of Mochahontas. New ‘record breakers’ (you may want to check this out The Lupindilayks.

At more than one year old, Bebong II and Berio II (male counterparts of their late sisters Bebang-girdel and Beria-girdel) are still sharing cage and wheel, showing not any sign of squabble. Until now, they don’t exhibit any mood of hostility – I never hear any one of them clack their teeth. During their active hours, ‘escaping’ from their cages to explore the outside world is their prime obsession.

Chochobebes (10 months 17 days). These youngest hammies are the offspring of my oldest living hamster, Isnobol.

Syma is not that grumpy anymore, though apparently her mood shifts so easily when brought near Amboy whom she can still recognize as the younger brother she used to bully. Amboy remains the nervous type, but being a grown-up male, he is no longer afraid of any female hamster – his elder sister is not an exemption.