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Ispidbol passed away at 3:00 pm yesterday, just two hours after I came home from an internet café.

His departure is inevitable, but I didn’t expect it that soon. It’s like he just waited for me to pay him his last tribute while he was still alive. Now my two questions are answered: Yes, that that second second chance is his last, and it lasted for a about four weeks before, and three hours after, I published the previous post entry.

Who will undertake the undertaker ?

Etymology of name: fast and swift; snappy

English equivalent: Speedball

Gender: male

Color: banded brown

Parentage: Blakdyak + Snow White

Generation: 4th

Litter group: Chiaroscurogang

Spouse: Teepee Pompom

Lifespan: 26 months 6 days

Cause of death: old age

Ispidbol at 6 months 5 days (Tower scene), 15 months 16 days (sunset scene) and 19 months 6 days (Wheel scene).

Traits and characteristics: Small and acrobatic. Give him a treat: he eats it right-away if a small piece, but takes and carries a bigger piece back to his resting spot. Unusual sleep-and-wake regimen, treads his wheel in the morning until up to 11 am – that is why he is a late-riser (6 pm). A persistent cage-deserter (“lakwatsero” Ispidbol-bulakbol) when he was younger, refuses to be handled when outside his cage. Nosy – thrusts his head forward to smell the nose of his handler when the handler brings him close to his face. In later life, Ispidbol became a contented occupant and responsible steward of The Hall; he left not a single chew mark in any of its woodwork.



  1. Isnobol – next steward of The Hall

Widowed spouse:

  1. Teepee Pompom

Nephew and nieces:

  1. Mochawonka “the wiggler”
  2. Mochahontas
  3. Isnohontas Kotonbol

Grand nephews:

  1. Wigwam Wigglerson
  2. Bebong II
  3. Berio II

Great grand niece/nephew:

  1. Syma
  2. Amboy

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