Fuckin’gun, yusanamagan!!!

😯 Hala… si pastor –– nagmura !?

(Wala palang ka-“class-class” magmura itong si ‘Father.’ Nakikiuso pa kasi, HINDI naman bagay! 😆 )

‘MagLOLOng’ pasaway: isang hindi nag-aahit at isang pinagtampuhan ang anit (mas mahaba yung baril ni kalbo 😆 ). Parehong praning sa wabbit? Pero (in pewnes), sila man ay may “pusong-kartuns” din tulad ko, kaya DEHINS ko sila heyt. 🙂

Ahehe, hindi po ako pastor… at lalong hindi ako “Father” (hindi ako tatay… 😆 “virtual tatay” payag ako. 😉 ).

Huwag na kang magulat kung ako ma’y napapa-MURA din minsan. (Ekyusmi po uli, mga kapatid 😳 ). Ako nama’y galing din sa katarantaduhan bago ako’y naging isang christian. 😆

Saka, may mura bang ganyan? Pagkakaalam ko, ang tamang bersyon ay ganito:

Pawkingsyet, swanabwabbit! (galit nga sa wabbit?)

O kaya, yung mas maikling ‘AY HAB TU WORDS POR YU’ :

Pak––kyowt! (how kyut!)

Eto pa pala! – mas maikling isulat at usung-uso:

WTF!… 🙄 World Tengenengeneng Federation?

“Slip in fingering the kibord” lang po yung post taytol… 😆 Eto ang ibig sabihin:

Pakinggan, you son of a gone!

(Tagalugin mo na nga lang! 😡 ) … hokey, heto:

‘ear ye, ‘ear ye, ‘nak ka ng… 🙄 … ‘WALA lang’ !

‘Nakaringgan’ lang? Parang kwentong Kapampangan ng isang black American GI (taga-Angeles city) – iba ang kanyang pagkaka-ISPLOK sa narinig.

Wala kasing tigil ng katatakbo yung isang bata… ‘eka ng tatay sa anak niyang pasaway:

TATAY: “Mekeni, potambengi… Madapa ka ! 😡

EGOT: “Heymen! Did I ‘ear yeah say, ‘Motha fuckah’ ?” 😕

Psssst!!! Tama na yaaaan!!! 😡 … Seryus naman. 😐 ……………. 😆

Magdyowang “wabbits” (Bakit nga ba si Bugs Bunny ay nakahubo? 🙄 Kartuns lang naman eka! 😛 ) … Eto pa wabbit din. 😆

“The major function of sexual behavior for human beings are to assist in bonding, to express and enhance love between persons, and for procreation.”

(Source: Synopsis of Psychiatry – Behavioral Sciences and Clinical Psychiatry)

Uy, type! Exempted lang kami ni misis dun sa procreation. 😛 Recreation, pede pa!

Sa librong yan ko din ni-copy-n-paste ang mga sumusunod, ‘just want to share (Wala sanang magtaas ng kamay –– eheste, kikay? –– Amf!!! 😕 KILAY !!! ) :


Ilan sa mga “ewt-kweyk” (kamunduhan) na ito ang aware kayo?

  1. Pedophilia – recurrent intense sexual urges and sexually arousing fantasies involving sexual activity with a prepubescent child or children. Child molestation involves genital fondling or oral sex. Vaginal or anal penetration of the child is common in cases of incest.
  2. Exhibitionism – recurrent intense sexual urges and sexually arousing fantasies involving the exposure of one’s genitals to a stranger or an unsuspecting person. Sexual excitement occurs in anticipation of the exposure, and orgasm is brought about by masturbation during or after the event. Exhibitionist (usually male exposing himself to female) asserts his masculinity by showing his penis and watching the reaction of the victim – fright, surprise, disgust. Unconsciously, the man feels castrated and impotent. Wives of exhibitionists often substitute for the mother to whom the men were excessively attached during childhood.
  3. Sexual Sadism – recurrent intense sexual urges and sexually arousing fantasies involving acts (real, not simulated) in which the psychological or physical suffering (including humiliation) of the victim (partner) is sexually exciting to the person.
  4. Sexual Masochism – recurrent intense sexual urges and sexually arousing fantasies involving the act (real, not simulated) of being humiliated, beaten, bound, or otherwise made to suffer.
  5. Voyeurism (scopophilia) –recurrent intense sexual urges and sexually arousing fantasies involving the act of observing an unsuspecting person who is naked, in the process of disrobing, or engaging in sexual activity. Masturbation to orgasm usually occurs during or after the event. Telephone scatologia, more commonly known as obscene phone calls, is related to voyeurism in that the person attempts to demonstrate his masculinity to a stranger.
  6. Fetishism – recurrent intense sexual urges and sexually arousing fantasies involving the use of nonliving objects by themselves (e.g., female undergarments).
  7. Transvestic Fetishism – in a heterosexual male, recurrent intense sexual urges and sexually arousing fantasies involving cross-dressing. Also known as transvestism, it is marked by fantasized or actual dressing in female clothes for purposes of arousal and as an adjunct to masturbation or coitus.
  8. Frotteurism – recurrent intense sexual urges and sexually arousing fantasies involving touching and rubbing against a nonconsenting person. These acts usually occur in crowded places (subways and buses) where the frotteur (usually male) rub his penis against the buttocks or body of a fully clothed woman to achieve orgasm. At other times, he may use his hands to rub an unsuspecting victim.
  9. ZoophiliaAnimals, which may be trained to participate, are preferentially incorporated into arousal fantasies or sexual activities, including intercourse, masturbation, and oral-genital contact.
  10. Coprophilia – A sexual pleasure associated with the desire to defecate on a partner, to be defecated on, or to eat feces (coprophagia). A variant is the compulsive utterance of obscene words (coprolalia).
  11. Urophilia – Also known as urolagnia, is a sexual pleasure associated with the desire to urinate on a partner or to be urinated on; it is a form of urethral erotism. It may be associated with masturbatory techniques involving the insertion of foreign objects (e.g., vibrator) into the urethra for sexual stimulation in both men and women.
  12. Oralism – Mouth-genital contact, such as cunnilingus (oral contact with the external female genitals), fellatio (oral contact with the penis, and analingus (oral contact with the anus), is an activity normally associated with foreplay. But when a person uses these activities as the sole source of sexual gratification and cannot or refuses to have coitus, a disorder exists. It is also known as partialism, focusing on one part of the body to the exclusion of all other parts.
  13. Necrophilia – The act of obtaining sexual gratification from cadavers. Most find corpses for their exploitation from morgues, some have been known to rob graves. At times persons murder in order to satisfy their perversion.
  14. Masturbation – The achieving of sexual pleasure (usually resulting to orgasm) by oneself (autoeroticism). Masturbation is abnormal when it is the only type of sexual activity performed, when it is done with such frequency as to indicate a compulsion or sexual dysfunction, or when it is consistently preferred to sex with a partner.
  15. Hypoxyphilia – A desire to achieve an altered state of consciousness secondary to hypoxia while experiencing orgasm. The person may use a drug that produced hypoxia.
  16. Other sexual disorders – The following are two of those either rare, poorly documented, not easily classified, or not specifically described in the DSM.
  1. Don Juanism – Some MEN who appear to be hypersexual, as manifested by their need to have many sexual encounters or conquests, use their sexual activities to mask deep feelings of inferiority. Some have unconscious homosexual impulses, which they deny by compulsive sexual contacts with women. After having sex, most Don Juans are no longer interested in the woman.
  2. Nymphomania – A descriptive term that signifies excessive or pathological desire for coitus in a WOMAN. Patients who have been studied usually have had one or more sexual disorders, usually including anorgasmia. There is often an intense fear of loss of love. The woman attempts to satisfy her dependency needs, rather than to gratify sexual impulses through her actions.

(As I said, nai-share ko lang… May kilala kasi akong mga babae na naka-encounter na ng ilan sa mga iyan – especially #s 2, 5, and 8. Ingatz na lang po baka nabibiktima na kayo. Mas malala, baka humantong pa sa rape.)

Nakapipilipit-dilang mga salita na inimbento ng tao para ilarawan ang iba’t-ibang anyo ng kanyang kahunghangan (guwaaaaaark!!!). Paraphilias they are called in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, ‘bible’ ng mga professional psychologists o psychiatrists) –

“…sexual disorders characterized by specialized sexual fantasies and intense sexual urges and practices that are usually repetitive in nature and distressing to the person.

The influence of the fantasy and its behavioral manifestations extend beyond the sexual sphere to pervade the person’s life. Paraphilias are divergent behavior in that they are concealed by their participants, appear to exclude or harm others, and disrupt the potential for bonding between persons.” This is contrary to the major function of human sexual behavior first quoted above (bellow the wabbits’ pikyur).

Homosexuality and Lesbianism, the exclusive or predominant preference for same-sex partners, was eliminated as a mental diagnosis by some “authorities”, others maintained it as such.

Kelangan pa bang i-memorize yan? The Bible plainly spell it in a three-letter word: SIN – or perversion, para hindi korni o “self-righteous” fucking-gan Just the same: “God-damn-IT.” 😕

EPAL ng hindot na PHILIAC: “Aush lang un! Ang ‘dry’ nyo namang mga ‘burn-again christian’ !” 😈

HBH: Akala mo lang yun …” 😎

Wala ka lang yatang magawa? (An idle mind is the workshop of the devil 😆 ).

Patingin ka na kasi, baka lumala pa yan!

With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be. ( 😳 sapul ang powt ko! )

– James 3:9-10

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

– Ephesians 4:29

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.

– Philippians 4:8

(God said) “… I am the Lord, who heals you.

– Exodus 15:26

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13 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. itay hulsum naman kya pinindot ko puro pla mga phila.. hehehe.. musta itay.. tgal kong di nkabisita kc ala ako koneksyon ng isang buwan.. sa wkas ayus na rin.. hehehehe..


    Itay: Alin ang hulsum, my virtual anak… yung homebugsbuddy – eheste, bugs bunny ba? Peborit kong kartuns yang Looney Tunes. 😉 Aytot-aytow-a-putitat! 😆

    Buti naman at naayos na ang SmartBroken connection mo.
    Ako malapit nang hindi lumabas para lang makapag-net.

  2. haha!!

    natawa ko sa intro.. 🙂

    alam mo kuya.. inaral namin yan sa clinical psychology naming subject.. saka issues in psychology.. hehe.. naku pag ganyan ang topic sa classroom.. mixed reactions ng klase..

    naisip ko dati.. nung di pa ko psych major.. bakit may mga ganung terms .. like “Frotteurism” at “necrophilia..” naalala ko sabi ni BOb Ong… terms are made dahil they are needed… parang ganun.. basta.. ang weird pero it happens… di sila weird.. dahil according nga sa pagaaral ng human behavior at thinking.. ang mga ganyan ay disorder o sakit.. mahirap gamur=tin o ayusin ang mga ganun.. pero nothing is impossible in HIM.. hehe.. diba.. 🙂

    haha.. bakit nga ba si bugs bunny hubad.. hihihi!!!


    Homebodykuya: Araguy… nahuli na naman ako ng sis ko. 😳

    Nahihili ako sa mga taong tulad mo, jezreel – hindi na nga nalalayo para malaman ang kalooban ng Diyos, nagkaroon pa
    ng kaalaman para maintindihan ang “niloloob-loob” ng tao. 😉 Psych major ka rin nga pala? Buti pa kayo ni kookoo
    (at ilan pang kilala kong blogista dito), dahil nabigyan kayo ng pagkakataon para himayin ng todo ang mga konseptong ganyan.

    Nabanggit na rin sa akin minsan ni koo si Bob Ong ► DITO… hindi ko alam kung sino sya o kung ano ang propesyon o ‘calling’ nya, pero palagay ko naman, tama yung sabi nya.

    Personally, I acknowledge the findings in psychology (or in any branch of scientific studies for that matter) – hindi ako bibili ng libro at magbabasa ng mga tungkol dyan kung hindi ako interesado. 😉 May mga minor subjects ako sa educational psychology kaya medyo nagkainteres ako nuon dyan… sabihin na lang nating frustrated psychsayangtrist ako (joke lang! — miski konti lang siguro, gusto kong may matutunan). Napakahalagang seryosohin ng isang nagpapakadalubhasa yan, kasi hindi naman ang lahat ng “specifics” ay makikita sa Bible.

    Ang mga ganyang banat ko naman sa blog (tulad sa post na ito) ay para duon lang sa mga dahil sa taas ng pinag-aralan ay nawala na ang “bilib” sa Diyos. On the other hand, hindi rin naman mainam yung puro “Bible lang” ang binabasa, at nire-reject na ang mga pag-aaral na lalong pinadali ng agham. Dapat lang balanse, hindi ba iha? (‘lam mo yung kay Tim LaHaye na “Spirit-controlled Temperament”? Theory sya about human behavior in a biblical perspective.)

    Totoo, it isn’t enough or right na tawaging ‘weird’ ang mga taong may sakit ng alinman sa mga nakalista sa itaas, at napaka-unfair din kung kagyat nating sasabihing kasalanan nila kung bakit sila nagkaganyan – lalo na kung may kaakibat nang pagkawala sa katinuan ng pag-iisip (psychosis?).
    Pero “rare” naman siguro ang may ganyang sakit compared sa mga ‘nakondisyon’ o naging habit na lang hanggang sa ‘maging’ personality disorder kalaunan. Take #1 for example – maraming pedophiles na “matino” naman kung sa tamang organic functioning ng brain ang pag-uusapan.

    Yung ‘imaginary’ kausap kong “philiac” dyan sa end ng post
    ay “kuno” lang niya iyon… palusot baga? 😆 Kasi, para sa
    isang totoong philiac, mahirap (kung hindi man imposible) na kontrolin ang sarili nya dahil may sakit nga sya, which means less accountable sya sa mga asal nya. Miski naman sa mga court hearings, mas magaang ang sentensya pag wala sa tamang katinuan ang ‘kriminal’.

    Kung tutuong may sakit sya, dapat lang na patignan sya,
    baka nga chemical imbalance na yon (serotonin nga ba’ng
    tawag duon?). Hindi naman ubra ang “puro prayers lang”… dapat pakunsulta, at pagamot kung kinakailangan, maski umabot pa iyan sa pag-take ng anti-psychotic drugs at psychiatric counseling and group dynamics.

    And yes! – our LORD is the YHWH rapha (Exodus 15:26).

    Parang naging lop-sided nga yung pagkaka-present ko sa post, ano? …sowee! Inumpisahan ko kasi ng pagmumura – na-off balance na naman tuloy ako. Napahaba tuloy uli ang explanation (depensib?) ko. 😛

    Sabagay okey lang naman siguro sa’yong i-slide yang scroll bar pababa, maski umabot pa sya hanggang sahig? – iilan lang naman kayong nagko-comment. 😆

    Salamat uli sayo, a-ding! 😉 Pasyal-pasyal ka lang parati, ha?

  3. Whoa! where do you get these images? cool still shots(or not?) mind if i save one? tnx!


    HBH: Hello! 🙂 Mukhang mahilig ka rin sa kartuns paris ko…
    Dito o, marami pa:

    Sangkaterbang kartuns

    …dyan rin ako nanguha. 😛

  4. lol napapa wtf naman ako sa post mo as in what the fun hehe
    kung ako makakakita ng pastor na magmumura i will be vey disappointed
    ika nga nila they are the one to give the right way of being a christian
    well di ko sinasabi na ang pagmumura ay prohibited sa lahat pero siguro nasa uri ng tao yan diba
    and being a priest or a pastor? di ata magandang tingnan
    have a great day
    nakita nga pala kita sa blog ni repah and i decided here to drop by
    its nice to be here


    HBH: Ahehe… buti na nga lang pala hindi ako naging pari o pastor. 😳

    Eniwey, hindi ko naman talaga habit ang pagmumura,
    sinampol ko lang 😉 (palusot pa e, ‘no?). Pero maski pala gaano mo pa-“kyut”-in ang mura, obyus na mura pa rin ano?

    “Anak ng pating!” “Anak ng putakte!” “Anak ng tipaklong!” “Tanging-Ina ka, Ay-ay!” “Pusang Ina!” “Pusang-gala!” 🙄
    “Anak ng tupa!” “Anak ng tokwa!” “Tokwa‘t baboy ka!”:lol:
    “Yu asyooool!” … awoooooooo!!! 😯

    Andaming variations… n‘kakainis!!! 😕

    Sa ibaba ng post na ito, marami pa akong nailistang WTF!
    (what the fun!) 😆 … click mo lang.

    Kahayupan ng Pilipino

    Tama ka, bluedreamer – talagang nakaka-TURN-OFF ang isang pari o pastor na nagmumura. So far wala pa naman akong naririnig na pari o pastor na nagmumura (at least sa pulpito, hewan ko lang sa private life nila).

    Maski pa nga hindi sya isang pari o pastor… maski pangkaraniwang mananampalataya lang. Dahil nakaka-“grieve” sa Holy Spirit kung ang isang nagsasabing isa syang “kristyano” ay palamura.

    Tama ka rin sa sinabi mong walang “prohibited” o “bawal” para sa isang kristyano…

    “‘Everything is permissible for me’ – but not everything is beneficial. ‘Everything is permissible for me’ – but I will not be mastered by anything.” (1 Corinthians 6:12)

    Hindi lang sa salita… maging sa isip at gawa.
    Ang isang taong tunay na nakakikilala kay Kristo ay hindi pinagsasalita o pinakikilos ng kung ano ang “hindi bawal” lang. Pagmamahal sa Diyos ang nag-uudyok sa kanya.

    Samakatuwid, tayo ang magrerenda sa ating mga sarili kung ano ang matuwid nating isipin, sabihin, o gawin.

    Parang sa magulang din natin – hindi natin ginagawa ang isang bagay na alam nating ayaw nilang gawin natin, hindi dahil ipinagbabawal nila ito (may magagawa ba sila kung susuway tayo?). Hindi natin ito gagawin dahil ayaw nating palungkutin sila.

    Kaya nga yan ang ‘style’ ng mga nagrerebeldeng anak, hindi ba? Sinasadya nilang kontrahin ang mga magulang para bigyan ang mga ito ng sama ng loob. Emotional blackmail?

    ‘sensya ka na, amang. Mahaba talaga ako mag-reply sa comments. 😉

  5. ps
    i just put your link in my blogroll para i can often visit you here


    HBH: Salamat… minsan bisitahin din kita. 🙂

  6. dahil may pagka pasaway ako, khit adult content ni click ko pa rin.. serious mode pala akala ko joke ulit.. ahehe.. Di bale, 19 na naman po ako.. heheh talaga lumusot pa eh! 😆

    Nakakagulat lang yung #9 at #13.. Napanganga ko habang binabasa ko.. Err meron palang ganun.!


    Kuya Teddy Bear: Ayush lang yon, ‘angel’ — mature ka naman na.

    Abnormal behaviors kasi ang mga iyan… abnormal in the sense na “hindi normal”, walang halong panlalait.

    Grabeti! yung #9 ano? at yung #13 … ay talaga naman! 😡
    Sa morge, yung aayusin na lang, lalo na kung kamamatay sa isang aksidente at ‘medyo mainit-init’ pa?
    Kawawang babae… patay na nga ay malalapastangan pa.
    Pero tulad ng sabi ko, sakit yan at napaka-rare naman siguro, wala pa naman akong nababalitaan dito. Hmm… malay natin… pwedeng mangyari, di ba?

    Ay ewan ko ba kung bakit ko naisipang mag-post ng gay-an! 😆

  7. wow kuya!

    yun na ata pinakamahaba mong reply.. haha…

    syempre bibisita ko parati dito.. yun blog ko di ko na na-uupdate… dahil.. mahabang kwento.. isa na dun ang busy ever sa pinatatarbahuhan ko…

    sana makagawa din ako ng theory in biblical perspective.. in the future…

    kahit sa apat at patuloy kong pagaaral sa behavior ng tao.. ang hirap pa din intindihan nito..


    naiisip ko din pala na baka dahil ang mga “philiacs” ay sinabing mga “sakit/disorder” ay upang pagtakpan ang immorality nito.. the sin..

    like your example.. pedophiles.. they are aware of what they’re doing peor somehow they’re termed as “psychologically impaired” or somehing like it…

    napakasubjective minsan ng pag aaral sa “psychology” sa papanigan mo palang teorya. may pagkasubjective na..


    haba din ng kwento ko.. namiss ko lang kasi kayo kausapin sa blog.. hehe

    God bless po…


    Homebodykuya: Malaking “plus” sa isang tao (lalo na sa
    mga counselors) yung alam na nya kung papaanong “mag-isip ang Diyos” (that’s figurative) 😉 may alam din sya sa takbo ng isip ng kapwa-tao.

    Yang mga sakit, talagang karaniwan hindi na nila makontrol kasi physiological na rin siguro?

    Naalala ko yung kaso ng isa kong malapit na kakilalang babae. Nagkaroon sya ng major depression (unipolar mood disorder lang ito, mas lighter na kaso kaysa dyan sa mga philias).
    Dinala namin sya sa aming pastor para ipag-pray…

    Okey, pinag-pray — pero in-advise rin ni pastor na dalhin
    sya sa psychiatrist. Kasi nga ilang gabi nang hindi nakakatulog, iyak nang iyak, at may mga hallucination na na parang may bumubulong. Napapraning na rin pag may napapatingin sa kanyang mga tao. Kakaawa nga kasi, ang sabi nung mga kamag-anak nya nakukulam daw. 😆 Lalo tuloy naguguluhan
    si babae.

    Sabi ng pastor namin, pag ganuon, mas maiging i-consider
    muna yung “outer crust” (he was referring to the body, base
    on the triune nature of a human being: spirit, soul, and body) bago pa mag-isip ng ‘mas deeper’ na dahilan. Oo nga naman…

    In time, gumaling naman yung kakilala ko matapos ang mga counseling sessions nya with her psychiatrist. Syempre may anti-depressants ding ipina-take — like Prozac or Zoloft?

  8. ayaw ko mag koment re: sex sa blog mo, shy ako! Lols 😆

    hmnn… anu naisip mo hane at nag post ka ng ganire? 😀


    Robby-da-sannadaga: 😆 ‘ala lang, ni-try ko lang maki-uso
    ng rantings! Ahehe… naimpatso yata ako… nung basahin ko ulit itong post, naalala ko yung PUT– !* na napuntahan ko nun sa Cubao — pagkapanghi-panghi at puno ng graffiti! (guwaaaarkkk!!!)
    *public utility toilet

    18 years ago, the earth shook violently claiming hundreds of lives here. 😦 Kaya ko din naisip i-powt ang nakaka-shocking
    na info na yan. 😆 (anlayo yata?)

    Ngayon ka pa naging shy… ay napaka- “informative” 😆
    nyang second part ng post ko. (jokes)

  9. hi c fernando n gale mangu musta lang ko diyan ano ang ginagawa mo diyan txt bk


    HBH: txt bk? 🙄 Hindi kaya naliligaw ka lang, pate?
    Doesn’t ring a bell… more “clues” please… 🙂

  10. […] Ano ba ang ibig sabihin ng salitang “bakla”? Huwag na nating pakialaman ang psychological aspect, yung mga halimbawang kilos o asal na lang na pangkaraniwang naoobserbahan. […]

  11. […] Huwag na yan, hindi naman ako basta-basta bibilib sa ‘smart’ lang in their own rights. Ahehe, napanuod ko lang yan sa ► “da eds.” Saka wabbit? Tedi bew? – pareho kong
    pebowits yan. 😉 […]

  12. […] Ahehe… mukhang sasali sa Flores de My-Oh. Transvestite lang naman yata ay hayai na ba? Ingat lang sir… dyan nagsisimula ang atraksyon sa ‘ka-polarity’ —
    ang pagnanasa sa kapwa mo mensu. 😦 […]

  13. […] ◙ Paraphilias ↑ Eto pa, mas memoryado mo yan dahil terminologies nyo yan. […]

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