Nine lives

NOTE: Hamsters’ gestation period (pagbubuntis ) is 16 days (6-12 is the normal number of pups per litter); average lifespan, between 2 and 3 years.

(‘By batch’ sila kung dumating, kaya ‘by batch’ din sila kung lumisan. 😛 )

My nine living hammies.

How are my 9 hammies doin’? (a rundown):

Panapanagang (1 year 9 months 22 days). The elders (Hamsters are already considered seniors when they reached their 18th month).

Mochawonka (). Eldest male, therefore the family chief. 😆 He’s gaining weight lately. The Hall (made available to all members as a hammy-gym) was reserved for him from 6 to 7 am, and most of the evening hours.

Mochahontas (). Grumpy grandma’s bites are not that ‘nasty’ anymore. (Obviously, the “Lola” had passed on some of her temperament trait to granddaughter Syma!)

Isnohontas (). To both humans and fellow-hamsters, the peace-loving momma remains the most amiable of all. She’s been spending most of her time sleeping, but insists on getting out of her cage when awake.

PanapanaIIgang (1 year 7 months 22 days). The new oldies are only 60 days younger than their parents, Mochawonka and Isnohontas.

Wigwam (). Still young-looking. Always wary and suspicious, ready to bite (not so hard – “nip” is more appropriate) if handled against his will. Very responsive to odors of his kind – male’s musk makes him gnash his teeth, female’s scent excites him so easily (this behavior is typical).

Teepee (). Ispidbol’s widow has a cyclical mood shift. Shows hostility toward her fellow-hammies except when she is in heat. The most vocally expressive among them.

Boolagang (1 year 4 months 16 days). Two of the three surviving male offspring of Mochahontas (A third white male named “Hamty” is still living with his foster owner). These two ‘boolaboys’ are the new ‘record-holders’ (you may want to check this out – The Lupindilayks).

Bebong II () and Berio II (). The ‘Dugyot’ (unGroomed) Brothers 😆 are the most hyperactive. Physical growth seems retarded. Sharing cage, still no sign of serious fight or struggle… just like that – carrot- and wheel-olympics 😆 (see video).

Chochobebes (1 year 1 month 17 days). The offspring of the late Isnobol. My youngest hammies have reached their ‘midlife’ last month (June 4).

Syma (). The once-bitey hamster has been learning to deal with humans. Meticulous regarding her food and toilet habits. Active in the first few hours after midnight, making all sorts of noise when I and my wife are about to sleep.

Amboy () shifted his daily sleep-and-wake schedule. At about 12 noon everyday (when all other hamsters are sound asleep), the once-thin and timid little hammy is persistent to leave his cage for a four-hour ‘workout’ in The Hall. The fact is, he is right… he’s quite big now for his homecage wheel.

Quite similar to linked cabs on a subway rail? — passing so swiftly, coming and going in quick succession (s’ensya na sa ni-sampol kong tweyn… ‘indi ako makaluwas para manyut sa MRT eh). 😛

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