She’s mine!

Hammies can be are! very adorable. 😉

Her name is Chmurka. She belongs to Pyza/Klara, one of my “stranger-friends” who welcomed me in Flickr and YouTube (sites where I found people who can say and do all the ‘silly things’ about their little critter friends and yet enjoy the impunity of being dubbed as “crazy”).

Chmurka’s first year birthday. 😀

I have known Chmurka for long as I knew her lady human friend. Such a very short time, one may say… But think of it the hammie way.

For reasons of space limits, and partly because of what had happened to my modem that made me incapable of interneting freely within the confines of my home, I gradually became less and less active in Flickr for the last seven months.

Yesterday, three days after uploading my “Nine lives” video on YouTube, I decided to check out on her latest posts; I was speechless upon knowing this:

Goodbye, Chimi… 😥

Chmurka is not one of my hamster family – not my own, ‘technically speaking.’ But everybody who knew Chimi well loves her, for she is every hammie-lover’s sweetheart.

Don’t you think Chmurka is minetoo?

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  1. hangkyut naman klasmeyt!!syang hindi siya sayo awwwww
    ni-tag pala kita hehehehe

  2. wow they were so cute

  3. waaaa, ang kyut. alam mo bang everytime na binubuksan ko ang site mo i make sure na walang little kengkay sa tabi ko? kasi sigurado kapag nakita nila ito e mangungulit na naman yon na magkaron na sila ng pets sa bahay, hehe. at sempre, sila na ang hari dito sa computer dahil hindi na sila aalis dito sa site mo 😀

  4. huwaw!
    hamster ulI!
    hamster hamster!!!

    tagal ko ndi nakakavist ng mga blogs nyo!
    besi-besihan po kasi tlg eh!



  5. weee! kakyot naman nun!! =] eeeeek! bat daw pu wula si batopik sa blogroll ni HBH?? waaaaah.. huhuhu..brrr

  6. hello just dropping by again to say have agreat day

  7. may mga linyang di ko gets sa post mo 😀

    pero kaka sad, ang ku kyut talaga nila..sana may life extension pa 😦

  8. waahh hangcute talaga.. waahhh.. basta sa mga hayop na ganan fan talaga ko.. aheheh kaya din love ko blog nyo eh.. hehe

  9. Thanks, guys!
    And much thanks to you who give at least 17 minutes
    of your time to watch her videos.

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