Amboy’s “DSL” pet

The “family” just can’t let me get away with it. They demanded for their own post – this post. Hammies year two … that is what the title means.

My three most senior hamsters are already two years old today. The whole family are very grateful about it 😀 for two years in hamsters is an age equivalent to about 80 years old in humans. And if yesterday, I and my wife were honeys for 20 years; 45 days from now, two of these seniors will turn hammie-honeys for 2 years.

Links to last year’s posts about the birthday celebrators:

Mochahontas, the widowed wife, a mother of ‘posthumous’ litter of six.

Mochawonka & Isnohontas (‘The wiggler’ hubby and Hello hammie wifey), teenage dad and mom.

Just for the record:

I’ve been keeping records of my hamster’s “chronicles even before I gained access to the internet:

19 had lived and died before I started to blog.

One died soon, less than two weeks after I launched this blog.

13 were left to be seen “on-live” in my posts.

Out of the 13, nine are still living as of this day).

That makes a total of 33 hamsters.

Of the 24 that had already perished:

11 reached over 2 years and perished of plain old age.

2 lived past their 22nd month (equivalent to about mid-70s) and succumbed to illness of old age.

4 lived between 18 and 21 months (60 and 70) and perished due to trauma, illness or disease.

4 lived between 12 and 17½ months (40 and 50s) and perished due to trauma or illness.

2 lived between 4 and 6½ months (14 and 20s) and perished due to accident or trauma.

1 (adopted, not a family member) lived for only over a month (equivalent to a toddler in humans) and died of illness due to environmental stress.

Notable death coincidences:

Mocha Rurik reached the oldest age among my them (2 yrs 4 mos 10 das).

I still don’t know well why some hamsters live longer than others. The oldest hamster I know on record across the cyberspace is Javi’s hamster Baruchito (over 2 years 10 months); Another well-cared for hammie – Pyza’s Chmurka, lived for only about 20 months.

Blakdyak (2 years 1 day) departed on the midnight past his birthday (B-day, 2004 Dec 13; D-day, 2006 Dec 14).

Bugoy (2 yrs 3 mos 18 das) passed away on a same month and date (2007 Mar 31), exactly one year after his father Faramir (2 yrs 19 das) did (2006 Mar 31).

Beria (the elder) passed away at a young age (1 yr 5 mos 21 das) in 2006, on a Christmas eve.

Arrow (1 yr 8 mos 2 das) passed away prematurely on the day his grand offspring, the Boolagangs were born (2007 Mar 05), 11 days after the Boolagang’s father, the elder Berio (1 yr 2 mos 28 das) perished.

Because Beria-girdel perished at a very tender age (6 months 15 days) of birthing problems, I decided that her sister Bebang-girdel be celibate for the rest of her life. The ironic and remarkable thing is that Bebang-girdel succumbed to cancer at age 1 year 1 month 1 day, which if counted in days is 398 days – exactly double that of his sister (199 days).

This post is supposed to be on birthdays; so NICE of me to talk about deaths.

The truth is, Life is a one way continuum… While the thought of physical death in itself may be uncomfortable, the reality of the certainty of second DEATH for most is more unimaginable.

Birth L i f e Death Eternity, but where to: LIFE or DEATH?

Have you heard about the second BIRTH? That can only happen within Life – somewhere between the two dots. That is a “concern” that needs not bother any hamster, though.

Oo nga… wala sa life agenda ng mga hamsters yan (o maski na anong hayop).

CLICK on the hamster for the animated gif source website.

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  1. handaming hamham!!
    hi klasmeyt!


    Klasmeyt: Hongah nga klasmeyt… hamkukyut! 😀 aheh…

  2. uu nga ang daming hamster parang sa hamtaro yung paborito kong cartoon
    have agreat day po
    by the way po meron na pong bagong chapet and entablado have a great day


    HBH: Si Hamtaro? Ay oo… nai-link ko na minsan
    ang barkada nyang Japanese hamhams sa isang post ko. 😀

    Sige, pag nagblog-hop ako puntahan ko. 🙂

  3. aww.. ang cute cute naman!! meron pa talaga ikakasal haha..

    Hi po kuya.. sorry sa matagal na hindi pagbisita..


    Kuya Teddy Bear: No problem dun, bunso… I understand. 😉
    Ako man medyo magiging busy na rin starting next month.

    Aheh… si Isnohontas yang nagbabridal march; hubby nyang
    si Mochawonka yung nakasalampak na nagwiwiggle mga paa.

    Sa November 13 ang “honeesyewtoo” (honeys year 2) nila. 😆 Sana umabot pa silang buhay sa 2nd wedding anniversary nila, pati si Wigwam at Teepee na bunga ng pagmamahalan nila. 😀

  4. ang galing maswerteng mga hamster… swerte ang mga susunod nilang generation kasi ndi sila mahihirapang iresearch ang background ng family nila.. at iun ay dahil sa iyo 😀


    HBH: Oonga, hahaha. 😀
    Sana masundan pa ang youngest hamster kong si Amboy. 😛

  5. klasmeyt hamisssheeeeew 🙂


    Klasmeyt: Hamisssheeeeew rin klasmeyt!!! 🙂

  6. […] While two Boolagirls died so early,
    one 5th-generation hammie made it thru all the way till today —
    ◙ Wigwam Wigglerson will reach his 26th-month this Thursday, January 29. […]

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