This is what occupies me these days:

Framing backlogs… 🙂 And then to wind up –

Mansyon ng daga! 😆 (new additions).

Hamster Wigwam Wigglerson in Bebang Pension House testing Gandalf’s Exercise Wheel. – -►

Hamster Teepee Pompom in Ikabod Tower overseeing installation of Snowy’s Clock. – -►

Twin hamsters Wigwam & Teepee are 1 yr 10 mos 22 das today.

And this is their father Mochawonka fortifying

proposed bridge’s “Wigglerdock”…

What is mansyon ng daga?

Click the photo below ▼ to download and open a powerpoint show

[.pps file, size 1.8MB]… IF need be, hit F5 key on your keyboard to play.

Run time is less than 3 minutes.

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