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At about 11 am today, Teepee Pompom joined her hubby Ispidbol with the rest of their departed family members.

It was her time.

Etymology of name: native American Indian tent + appearance

Gender: female

Color: white

Parentage: Mochawonka the “wiggler” + Isnohontas Kotonbol

Generation: 5th

Litter group: PanapanaIIgang. This is an unexpected litter. The Panapanagang (their young parents) were not separated until after more than 40 days from birth enabling the mating of the young pair. Only two (2) of the resulting six (6) cubs survived.

Spouse: Ispidbol

Lifespan: 23 months 6 days

Cause of death: probably digestive tract illness due to old age

Bitin ba? Dito may kumpleto (music and lyrics). ► Grave robber

Traits and characteristics: Round and fluffy (like Isnowitwit her grandmother); has a peculiar tail but Teepee’s is pointed forward. She is a very vocal female, quite the grumpy and bitey type, who refuses to be handled except when she’s in heat. Gnaws the woodwork of any cage – even the exercise wheels were not spared. A habitual sleeper under her bedsheets.

At 22 months 22 days, she saw the installation of the Snowy-Teepee clock on Ikabod tower. Her last visit on the tower deck was taken six days before she passed away.

Her greatgrand-aunt Snowy (3rd batch, 2nd generation), from whom the tower clock was first named, was the first white female raised in the family. Teepee was the fifth and the last.

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