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The hammie who welcomed you 466 days ago bade her last farewell at about 6:40 this evening.

‘Hello, world’ hammie Isnohontas Kotonbol.

Etymology of name: color + historical Algonquian Indian heroine, early 1600s

English equivalent: Snowhontas Cottonball

Gender: female

Color: white

Parentage: Arrow + Isnowitwit Kotonbol

Generation: “4½th

Litter group: Panapanagang (sons and daughters of Arrow)

Spouse: Mochawonka the wiggler

Offspring: 2 (survivors of 6; only one litter, the PanapanaIIgang)

Lifespan: 26 months 17 days

Cause of death: old age

Isnohontas was the most friendly member of the family.

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