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The hammie who welcomed you 466 days ago bade her last farewell at about 6:40 this evening.

‘Hello, world’ hammie Isnohontas Kotonbol.

Etymology of name: color + historical Algonquian Indian heroine, early 1600s

English equivalent: Snowhontas Cottonball

Gender: female

Color: white

Parentage: Arrow + Isnowitwit Kotonbol

Generation: “4½th

Litter group: Panapanagang (sons and daughters of Arrow)

Spouse: Mochawonka the wiggler

Offspring: 2 (survivors of 6; only one litter, the PanapanaIIgang)

Lifespan: 26 months 17 days

Cause of death: old age

Isnohontas was the most friendly member of the family.

Traits and characteristics: My biggest and most friendly female hamster. Doesn’t bite (unusual among my female hamsters) nor wrestle with my hand when handled, just stares blankly at me. Always in-heat. Tarries longer in homecages other than her own — except her husband’s (if not in heat) where she only likes to ‘steal’ all his food stock… Sleeps a lot — soundly, soon after her evening meal. At 45 days of age got pregnant, sired offspring at two months (unplanned pregnancy) but responsibly mothered a healthy twin, Wigwam and Teepee.

Their chronicles show that male hamsters live quite longer than females. Isnohontas was the third to leave since last month (Nov), all three are females. Syma is now the only surviving female in the family.


Brother & Husband:

1. Mochawonka “the wiggler”


1. Wigwam Wigglerson


1. Bebong II

2. Berio II

Grandniece and nephew:

1. Syma

2. Amboy

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  1. […] Yesterday it was his wife… Then suddenly, without any hint, it was him. Before the sun set this afternoon, Mochawonka followed his wife to join their departed family members. […]

  2. […] Bakasyon ako after impromptu post. Kinabukasan
    (at kinabukasan pa uli) na-impromp-two naman ako sa magkasunod na pagyao ng aking hamsters na magdyowa. […]

  3. […] Eight out of the thirteen (7 from the 4th to 5th generations) passed-away since February last year.
    Isnohontas KotonbolDec 16. […]

  4. […] from Hamishew2 tunnel (‘pawbridge’ na overpass). May option ang mga daga kung gusto o ayaw nilang tumalon! Pwedeng mag-‘U-turn’ — it’s their choice. […]

  5. […] Parentage: Wiggler Mocha + Isnohontas Kotonbol […]

  6. ————————
    Doray Daga
    • Healthy as he was, Wiggler Mocha suddenly ‘refused
    to wake up’ — barely 24 hours after his wife Isnohontas perished.

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