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It was rainy and the sky was cloudy. The sun was not visible but the circadian clocks inside their small bodies are very precise… It’s time to wake up!

Yesterday’s sundown was the last day-start for Hr. Wigwam Wigglerson. He’d been retired from life since about one hour past midnight today.

Etymology of name: native American Indian tent + father’s alias

Gender: male

Color: white

Parentage: Wiggler Mocha + Isnohontas Kotonbol

Generation: 5th

Litter group: PanapanaIIgang. This is an unexpected litter. The Panapanagang (their young parents) were not separated until after more than 40 days from birth enabling the mating of the young pair. Only two (2) of the resulting six (6) cubs survived.

Spouse: Beria-girdel

Lifespan: 30 months 5 days

Cause of death: Illness of old age

On the eve of his 27th month, Wigwam saw the completion of the tread wheel in the pension house.

Traits and characteristics: Wigwam was grumpy when young, but like grand-uncle Isnobol, became human-friendly as he matured. Still the nervous type, though, and especially hostile to other male hamsters in his family. Has a young-looking face even until old age. During his active hours (strictly from four in the afternoon to around 10 in the evening), refuses to stay inside his cage; after taking his evening meal, prefers to sleep soundly until the morning. Still active in a few hours of the evening.

Gandalf (3rd batch, 2nd generation), from whom the pension house tread wheel was initially named, was the first white male raised in the family. Wigwam was the third and last… He trail-blazed the laying-out of the bridge’s wooden planks on 31 December 2008.

The Wiggler’s son lived 917 days — the longest lifespan in the family so far.



1. Bebong II

2. Berio II

Niece and nephew:

1. Syma

2. Amboy

New member (adopted):

1. Doray daga

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  1. weeeee! ninong! ang cute naman ng pose niya dun! may view pa talaga oh!
    buti pa ang mga alaga mo may photographer sila! awww..

    musta na ninong?


    Ninong: Sa taas yan neto (click yo) → Roof top ng
    . 🙂 Nitapat ko lang sa bintana nang sunset.

    Syuting tips (i-share ko lang) : 😉
    1. Zoom to telephoto, para malaki yung size ng sun.
    2. Use higher f-stop (for smaller aperture) para deeper
    yung depth-of-field, focused yung subject sa foreground
    saka yung araw sa background.
    3. Kung type mo silhouette lang, huwag mong flash-an.
    4. Huwag itutok ang lens nang sobrang tagal sa araw,
    baka ma-damage ang CCD or CMOS ng digicam mo.
    5. Huwag din sisilip nang matagal sa araw, baka ma-damage
    ang mata mo.

    Eto pala… me nabanggit ako sa reply ko dito → Sunsets.

    Oks ako, medyo busy lang sa tarbaho.

  2. so sad to hear that from you kuya


    KuyaHBH: Ganun talaga, blue… naturally, matanda naman na si Wigwam.

    [ Nagtaka ako kung bakit na-moderate itong comment mo,
    pati generated identicon (avatar) bakit kaya ekako nagbago? (iba dito → sa mga dati) … Nung i-check ko sa edit mode ng comment, typo-error lang pala — hindi naitipa yung first letter ng name sa e-mail add mo. 😉 ]

  3. honga… nakakalungkot ang pagpanaw ng isang buhay, no matter how insignificant that life may seem to others (or compared to others).

    sana umabot na siya sa great exercise wheel in the sky 🙂


    Bok: Lalo na siguro kung kasa-kasama sa tarbaho — paris
    ng kanyang kalabaw sa isang magsasaka, o kabayo sa isang kutsero.

    wheel in the sky… 🙂 ganito raw yata itsura dun? → click

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  5. ah sowi hehe doko napansin
    by the way kuya
    just want to invite you to join the “OPERATION 111” Meme
    its with the commemoration of Philippine 111th independence day
    heres the link for the tag
    have a great day hope you can participate before June 12 ends


    (08 June 2009)
    KuyaHBH: Eyun, katatapos ko lang… May four days pa
    para mabasa before the big day. 😉 Salamat sa tag.

  6. […] Berio was 889 days, a lifespan one month shorter than Wigwam’s. […]

  7. ————————
    Doray Daga
    • After nearly three years when 20 hamsters in
    three generations had passed, Wigwam Wigglerson
    (5th generation) broke the longest lifespan record of
    Mocha Rurik (2nd generation) by 55 days, followed by the Boolaboys (Berio II, by 27 days; Bebong II, by 30 days).
    These are three of the five ‘first crossers’ of the newly
    finished bridge named after the elder Mocha.
    Syma and Amboy are the other two.

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