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He lost his kid brother three days ago; Now it was Bebong II’s time.

The buddy-brothers when they were 27–month old.

Etymology of name: granduncle’s name

Gender: male

Color: banded orange

Parentage: Berio + Mochahontas

Generation: 5th (paternal line) ; 6th (maternal line)

Litter group: Boolagang. The posthumous sons and daughters born to Mochahontas, 11 days after her husband Berio passed away.

Lifespan: 29 months 8 days

Cause of death: Old age

Dagang may pinagsamahan.

Traits and characteristics: Playful but prefers to sleep more often than his kid brother Berio II. Outside their cage, kid brother is a good on-the-spot food-nibbler; Bebong II a compulsive hoarder. The two shared cage and food, trod wheel peacefully and harmoniously together for more than two years. They could have shared these things much longer if not for the disability that has stricken Bebong II after their 24th month.

Around the 9th month, a small tumor appeared on Bebong II’s left lower jaw. A similar growth happened to their sister (right lower jaw) before reaching their first year. Boolagirl Bebang-girdel didn’t survive it (She was 1 yr 1 mo 1 day). Fortunately for Boolaboy Bebong, his tumor went off by itself.

On his 24th month, the hamster stroke. It was not contagious but the company of a very active hamster may stress him and worsen his condition. Berio II must be separated from him.

Boolaboy Bebong lived a normal life* for another five months (equivalent to about 17 yrs in humans). As their pet-owner, I am thankful it was his old age, not any of his illnesses, that had claimed his life.

Solemnly he went off on his 892th day.


[ *Bebang III, their grandmother, was the first case of hamster stroke in the family. She grew up, got married, and sired offspring — one of them was the elder Berio, the Boolagang’s posthumous father. ]


Niece and nephew:

1. Syma

2. Amboy


1. Doray daga

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  1. may pancake pa ba? hihi 🙂


    Klasmeyt: Klatmeyt yeye!
    Nilalangaw na hotcake — eheste, blog ko… Tinda na lang kaya ako pancake? 😀

  2. […] Last-minute changes sa construction ng SymAmboy staircase: nilaparan at ginawang dalawa ang landings sa magkabilang dulo ng hagdan — isa sa itaas (Boolaboy Bebong upper deck) at isa sa ibaba (Boolaboy Berio lower dock). […]

  3. ————————
    Doray Daga
    • After nearly three years when 20 hamsters in
    three generations had passed, Wigwam Wigglerson
    (5th generation) broke the longest lifespan record of
    Mocha Rurik (2nd generation) by 55 days, followed by the
    Boolaboys (Berio II, by 27 days; Bebong II, by 30 days).
    These are three of the five ‘first crossers’ of the newly
    finished bridge named after the elder Mocha.
    Syma and Amboy are the other two.

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