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Syma ( 2007 Jun 04 — 2009 Sep 22 )

Etymology of name: Symantec, a PC antivirus software

Alias: “Syma-sungit”

Gender: female

Color: banded orange

Parentage: Isnobol + Chocho

Generation: 5th (paternal line) ; 7th (maternal line)

Litter group: Chochobebes, the mother-orphaned litter

Daughter: Doray Daga (adopted)

Lifespan: 27 months 18 days

Cause of death: Old age

Grumpy no more. Last scene’s location: dock and staircase

Traits and characteristics: Independent, has a tendency to ‘sulk’ but very responsive to our calls. Mid- to late-afternoon was her turn to go out, a demand she announces (later in life) by the noise she makes waggling her cage’s ladder. Outside these hours, she prefers to stay in her sleeping spot or hidden under the shadows. She likes to tread on her wheel in the evening but immediately stops and hides again when the house lights are turned on.

As a young hammie, Syma was my most unfriendly. She cannot be handled except by the loose skin at the back of her neck, where she showed her protest by the violent kicks of her hind legs… She’s mellower when she grew up.

One of her habits was to nibble her food during our routine cleanup of their cages in the evening. More often than not, we have to wait for her to finish her business — She’s not that bitey anymore, but she’ll ‘chase’ to nip our hands if we take her leftover foods or touch her bedding or anything inside her cage.

On the whole, she became more accustomed to our handling. The presence of fellow hamsters nearby (including Amboy) didn’t seem to bother her anymore.

Their is an apparent link or connection between sex/gender and life span: Females, even those I never allowed to breed, lived much shorter than males. Syma was the last female descendant of the first pair. At 841 days, she lived the longest among all my female hammies.



1. Amboy

Daughter (adopted):

1. Doray daga

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  1. ————————
    Nung Tuesday pa ito, hindi lang ni-public agad ni bosing hangga’t hindi pa kumpleto. Kanina lang nai-upload video.

  2. […] Amboy was the cautious-type, a trait which he seemed to acquire from his squabbles with big sister Syma when they were young. […]

  3. ————————
    Doray Daga
    • After nearly three years when 20 hamsters in
    three generations had passed, Wigwam Wigglerson
    (5th generation) broke the longest lifespan record of
    Mocha Rurik (2nd generation) by 55 days, followed by
    the Boolaboys (Berio II, by 27 days; Bebong II, by 30 days).
    These are three of the five ‘first crossers’ of the newly
    finished bridge named after the elder Mocha.
    Syma and Amboy are the other two.

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