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Amboy ( 2007 Jun 04 — 2009 Oct 02 )

Etymology of name: ‘dagam-boy’ (little male rodent), ‘dagam-bulag’ (blind rodent)

Gender: male

Color: banded brown

Parentage: Isnobol + Chocho

Generation: 5th (paternal line) ; 7th (maternal line)

Litter group: Chochobebes, the mother-orphaned litter

Petmaus friend: DSL

Lifespan: 27 months 28 days

Cause of death: Old age

7 generations

Traits and characteristics: One-eye blind. Independent and wary. A homely hammie who prefers to sleep a lot. Unafraid of high places but doesn’t show any attempt to jump.

Amboy was the cautious-type, a trait which he seemed to acquire from his squabbles with big sister Syma when they were young. He refuses to be handled, and nips if became impatient. He’s tensed and gnaws everything when placed in a new surrounding.

Except during midlife and a brief time lately, he seldom showed an interest to go beyond the limits of his cage, nor leave any definite surface I put him on. Without worry I can put him on a table when I clean their cages in the evening. He explores the whole surface up to its edges, but shows no likelihood to jump.

Outside the cage he’s so uneasy, but at his home he’s very peaceful. If Syma was intolerant of our invading the privacy of her cage, to Amboy it didn’t matter — I can put my hands inside his cage without him knowing it.

Syma and Amboy were the youngest descendants of the first pairAmboy — the last of my DSL hammies — solemnly dies two days ago. Today’s supposed to be his 28th month.



Niece (adopted):

1. Doray daga

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  1. ————————
    Doray Daga
    • After nearly three years when 20 hamsters in
    three generations had passed, Wigwam Wigglerson
    (5th generation) broke the longest lifespan record of
    Mocha Rurik (2nd generation) by 55 days, followed by
    the Boolaboys (Berio II, by 27 days; Bebong II, by 30 days).
    These are three of the five ‘first crossers’ of the newly
    finished bridge named after the elder Mocha.
    Syma and Amboy are the other two.

    • Amboy finished the clan off exactly two years after
    HBH joined YouTube.

  2. […] Aush lang din — kahit pa iba rin pala ang ‘dating’ pag buong lahi ang natapos. […]

  3. ————————
    Doray Daga
    […] Isnobol transport box, isa sa mga naiwang karwahe
    ng angkang umampon sa akin. […]

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