( Gulong, rolled-off )

“Heads will roll.”

Nyay, parang Saudi! 😯 Opkurs figurative lang, pero ang morbid, anu?


Uy! Eyan ba yung walang-kamatayang

Lupindilayk Wheel?

Hinde… mga na-“Ay, mali!” yan na nagtutuwuan —

ambyey nayun sa senate imbestigeysyongs.

“Hewan ko baga… anggulo talaga ninyu mag-husap!?”


OFF-TOPIC (Just some ‘major-major’ info about the last photo) :

It was recorded using a 35mm negative film (hindi pa uso digital camera).

I bought the toy bus, replaced the stickers with graphics that are familiar here in Nueva Ecija, and put on some signage and destination placards inside the windshield [ The words are discernible if you click the photo for a larger view ]… I gave the toy bus to an inaanak (2 years old at that time).

The cat is Vincent Bogo, a healthy and hamster-friendly neutered male. This is one of his last photos before I found him lying lifeless near the PhilRice dormitory. Until now, I have no idea who or what slayed him.

“9812” — what a coincidence (kanina ko lang napansin)… Though the number was randomly selected about four years earlier, it is quite identical to what to me is a very significant date.

The picture was taken in December 1998.

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