( Earth’s bispoks selebreyt )

— A post-Blungganibersari obserbans —

“World Animal Day” daw ang October 4, pagkakataon para mag-post tungkol sa mga aiufs-karakter ng “istorya” kong hindi mabile. 😆 [ “Petblag” itu noh? ] … Pero bago iyon, seryus muna tayo:


Facts about DOGS

1.From the days of the Egyptian and Mesopotamian empires, people have valued dogs because many of their senses are much stronger than ours.
A dog’s sense of smell is keen, as can be seen in the fugitive-hunting activities of the bloodhound. A dog’s sense of hearing is acute, especially for high-pitched sounds. Though dogs are nearsighted and colorblind, their eyes can detect the slightest movement.

2.In far-off days, dogs first served people as hunters. Mesopotamian records from 3000 B.C. describe greyhound-like dogs. Labrador retrievers, Irish setters, and Russian wolfhounds are a few descendants of early hunters.

3.Work dogs also have a long-lived history. German shepherds, English collies, and Siberian huskies belong to the hard-working group.

4.Today, most breeds, such as the Yorkshire terrier, the Mexican chihuahua,
and the French poodle, are kept mainly for companionship.

Facts about BATS

1.These creatures are the only flying mammals in the world.

2.Bats are not blind, as many people think. They actually see pretty well.

3.Some female bats help each other to care for their young.

4.Bats also play an important role as pollinators of various plants.

5.Colonies of bats live together in caves, and some bats stand sentry duty.
If danger approaches, these bats sound the alarm.

6.Bats use sonar to capture insects.

7.Generally, bats will not harm humans.

[ Source: Prentice Hall Grammar and Composition 1 ]


‘Kala ko ba tungkul sa’min?

Ba’t iring mababantot at mapapangit lang?

Science info?

Sa book of grammar & composition?

Types ko kasing iy-improve ang “writing” skills ko 😆 ( o ha!?) at yang pinaglumaang HAYSKUL-teksbuk ng pamangkin ni misis ang nahagilap ko
[ Hiniram nuon sa mga in-laws ko dahil may tsinutoran syang bata dito ].

So, eyun — nakita ko yang exercises on adjectives [DOGS] and verbs [BATS] at napagtripan kong i-OCR at ipagkit word-for-word dito…
Kung gusto nyo i-check ang ekyurasi nyang impo e tinginin nyo na lang
DITO(click) at DITO(click ule).

Oops! Tama na… Wag U na i-click DITO — wala nang seryoso.

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