(PSB, congcludement?)

“The child should not suffer the stigma of his illegitimacy.”

Iba’t ibang klase ng ANAK: Definitions & examples

Legitimate = conceived or born within a valid marriage of the parents
Ex: Grinboy

Legitimated = conceived and born before their parents got married
Ex: Persons A at B

Illegitimate = conceived or born outside a valid marriage or inside a void marriage
Ex: The grinding-in-tandem

Adopted = generally not related by nature to their adoptive parents but are considered in the eyes of law as children of the latter
Ex: Doray

Those definitions ↖ (pwera eksampols) are from
“Paternity & Filiation under the Family Code of the Philippines.”

Bakit nga daw ba habang nagiging kumplikado ang buhay-buhay e parang mas dumadami ang terms? Kahit pano mo naman i-define, ANAK pa rin… Tutal yang #3 ang emphasis ng post na ito, mey-ay-quote ko lang ito, hane?

“The illegitimate children may use the surname of their father if their affiliation has been expressly recognized by the father through the record of birth appearing in the civil register, or when an admission in a public document or private handwritten instrument is made by the father.”
(Family Code of the Philippines)

Oops, teka lang, ha?

Hindi komo lenient tayo dyan e abusuhin naman naten — as in, “Okey lang mag-anak sa labas, tutal bibigyan ko naman ng pangalan: Mayaman ako, noh!?” Be reminded that that bill (or law or wateber) was made for the sake of the illegitimate child, hindi para kunsintihin ang mga amang babaero.

Eyun ang sampols ↙ ng kabi-kabilang kaso (Q&As, clickabol)…
“Pag (eka) may katwiran, ipaglaban mo.”

Illegitimate children
Illegitimate children, father
Illegitimate children, mother
↖ References
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