Doray Daga

( Dec 2008 — 07 Dec 2010 )


Former name: Doris Obah-maus

Gender: female

Color: brown with black streak.

[ “Golden Tort with White” ]

Doray is a ‘Hammierican’ girl who has chosen to be a Pinay hammie-citizen. 😆

Origin: I bought her from a petshop in Cubao


Doray came in during the time of (with their respective ages that time):


Foster mother: Syma

Litter group: Syma’s foster daughter

Boyfriend/Spouse: Boolaboy Berio


Lifespan: almost 24 months

Traits & idiosyncrasies: Playful and hyperactive. Doesn’t bite.

Prelude post entry: Renobeysyongs

First post: Nay-unsHammie

Journeys: Calamba Baguio

See all her post stories under the tag Doray Daga

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