( Samerhaus sa Taglagas )

HBH = Hulog–Bagsak* sa Hacienda, o kaya Hakot–Basura ng Hamster 😆

[ * “Fall” kasi ]


Anlayoooo ng CR…

Makalipat na nga!

‘Tsokey lang yun!

Kesa naman magkasakit you sa bato.


Saka heksersays na rin, o ‘diba?


Eto po ang tinutukoy nila: ← i-CLICK ang dagang ihing-ihi (wala lepto yan)

De-da da da

( Chamertaym pa rin )

HBH = Hacienda–Bulaklak ng Hamster, o kaya Hamster’s Bulaklak Harvest 😆


Gurabeng init sa building nina bosing!

Tataas yat’ang highblad ko.

Inom ka kasi ng

iced tea na may yelo!


O kaya mag-night-swimming ka sa gabi!


Ang tutuo nyan, di na masyado si Doray sa samplawer sids. → This May, sya ay 18 months na (senior citizen sa mga hamster) — mahirap na, baka nga ma-hayblad pa sya. 😆

Sumaglit lang. Sa Lunes, baka sakali ule.

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( “Isno-wed” distaym )

HBH = Holiday Bakasyunan ng Hamster 😆

Unang pasko ni Doray

Akshuli pangalawa — di nya matandaan yun una kasi nuon beybi pa sya. mouse-ismol


“Maligayang Pasko!”


Yan lang muna… 😉

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( Hamsdertaker, part 2 )

HBH = Haunted Bahay ng Hamster 😆 [ → Kiddy version ]

Naiinip si Doray… Nagyaya ng katropa para may makahunta sa undas. mouse-ismol


Awo, awo, awo —


`Yaw ko na dito sa mansyon —

Nagmumurto yata’ng mga namayapang DAGA!

Hongah! Uwi na kami!

Multu? Hindi kaya —

komputer mouse lang yan!



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not even one day

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Yesterday it was his wife… Then suddenly, without any hint, it was him. Before the sun set this afternoon, Mochawonka followed his wife’s pawsteps to join their departed family members.

Evening nap: the wiggler in his inactive state.

Etymology of name: color + WB movie chocolate-maker

Alias: Mocha ‘the wiggler’

Gender: male

Color: light brown

Parentage: Arrow + Isnowitwit Kotonbol

Generation: “4½th

Litter group: Panapanagang (sons and daughters of Arrow)

Spouse: Isnohontas Kotonbol

Lifespan: 26 months 18 days

Cause of death: ?

Earliest riser (3:30 pm) ; treads his small wheel right-away, and insist to get out of his cage for a tread on a larger wheel.

CLICK here to read more.

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goodbye hello

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The hammie who welcomed you 466 days ago bade her last farewell at about 6:40 this evening.

‘Hello, world’ hammie Isnohontas Kotonbol.

Etymology of name: color + historical Algonquian Indian heroine, early 1600s

English equivalent: Snowhontas Cottonball

Gender: female

Color: white

Parentage: Arrow + Isnowitwit Kotonbol

Generation: “4½th

Litter group: Panapanagang (sons and daughters of Arrow)

Spouse: Mochawonka the wiggler

Offspring: 2 (survivors of 6; only one litter, the PanapanaIIgang)

Lifespan: 26 months 17 days

Cause of death: old age

Isnohontas was the most friendly member of the family.

CLICK here to read more.

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Departure season is not yet over… At about 9 o’clock this evening, grandmahammie Mochahontas joined her hubby Berio (the elder) with the rest of their departed family members.

Penthouse gate (2007 May 19) ; pension house end of the bridge (2008 Nov 08).

Etymology of name: color + historical Algonquian Indian heroine, early 1600s

Gender: female

Color: light brown

Parentage: Arrow + Isnowitwit Kotonbol

Generation: “4½th

Litter group: Panapanagang (sons and daughters of Arrow)

Spouse: Berio

Offspring: 6 (3 boys and 3 girls in only one litter, the Boolagang)

Lifespan: 25 months 20 days

Cause of death: old age

Ibang klase magpaikot ng gulong si Lola Daga.

CLICK here to read more.

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Timed out

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At about 11 am today, Teepee Pompom joined her hubby Ispidbol with the rest of their departed family members.

It was her time.

Etymology of name: native American Indian tent + appearance

Gender: female

Color: white

Parentage: Mochawonka the “wiggler” + Isnohontas Kotonbol

Generation: 5th

Litter group: PanapanaIIgang. This is an unexpected litter. The Panapanagang (their young parents) were not separated until after more than 40 days from birth enabling the mating of the young pair. Only two (2) of the resulting six (6) cubs survived.

Spouse: Ispidbol

Lifespan: 23 months 6 days

Cause of death: probably digestive tract illness due to old age

Bitin ba? Dito may kumpleto (music and lyrics). ► Grave robber

Traits and characteristics: Round and fluffy (like Isnowitwit her grandmother); has a peculiar tail but Teepee’s is pointed forward. She is a very vocal female, quite the grumpy and bitey type, who refuses to be handled except when she’s in heat. Gnaws the woodwork of any cage – even the exercise wheels were not spared. A habitual sleeper under her bedsheets.

At 22 months 22 days, she saw the installation of the Snowy-Teepee clock on Ikabod tower. Her last visit on the tower deck was taken six days before she passed away.

Her greatgrand-aunt Snowy (3rd batch, 2nd generation), from whom the tower clock was first named, was the first white female raised in the family. Teepee was the fifth and the last.

CLICK here to read more.

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Amboy’s “DSL” pet

The “family” just can’t let me get away with it. They demanded for their own post – this post. Hammies year two … that is what the title means.

My three most senior hamsters are already two years old today. The whole family are very grateful about it 😀 for two years in hamsters is an age equivalent to about 80 years old in humans. And if yesterday, I and my wife were honeys for 20 years; 45 days from now, two of these seniors will turn hammie-honeys for 2 years.

Links to last year’s posts about the birthday celebrators:

Mochahontas, the widowed wife, a mother of ‘posthumous’ litter of six.

Mochawonka & Isnohontas (‘The wiggler’ hubby and Hello hammie wifey), teenage dad and mom.

Just for the record: CLICK HERE.

Isang ikot

Birthday ngayon ng unang post ni Hello Hammie ko. Bukas naman ( Sep 8 ), isang ikot na rin simula nung ipasulat at ipa-post nya sa akin ang sarili nilang bersyon nina Malakas at Maganda (click that for the original version).

Hindi na ako masyadong magbibida, para may panahon kayong samahan akong mag-ikot-ikot dito sa IkawTubo bidyo. Ni-produced ito ng magigiting na mga salinlahi nina Mauslakas at Magandaga. 😆

See 12th comment (mine) below. ↓

Hirs a litol song I rowt

Yu mayt want to sing it nowt por nowt

Donk Wodent… Bi Hammie…

Aru… lumala yata ang vertigo ko. 🙄 Tsokey lang… Basta naka-one full turn na akong sakay ng blogosperyo. 😀 Isang taon na pala akong nagkakalat ng superbabaw kong kaligayahan sa internet?

Pasensya na po kayo sa mga korning jokes ko. 😳

Galing sa Yahoo Mail inbox ni misis:

There comes a TIME in our LIFE when we have TO LET GO of all the pointless drama and the people who created it and surround ourselves with people who make us laugh so hard that we forget the bad news and focus on the pleasant memories. After all, life is too short for us not to be HAPPY!

🙄 …Nyay! 😳 Ahehe… Hindi naman sigruro “pointless” yung mga dramanobela na nikukwento ko dito, di ba? Atsaka mas marami naman “pleasant memories”. 🙂

Seven in 5

Another thing the month of August reminds me is how this clan had started.

It was five years ago when I first saw these two (later bacame the first couple), with the rest of the litter, helpless as they were, “sucklings” to their mother. Their owner was my wife’s friend, a former “suki” in our cross stitch and framing business.

The following month (September 2003), she offered us to adopt a pair of these hamsters. Her auntie didn’t want to keep these “bad luck” critters any longer, and was thinking of disposing all of them soon. (You have to squeeze your way in to reach the innermost end of this blog’s sub-terranean tunnel for details… Take this shortcut.)

I’ve been keeping records of my hamster’s “chronicles” even before I gained access to the internet:

19 had lived and perished before I started to blog.

One passed away soon, less than two weeks after I launched this blog.

13 were left to be seen “on-live” in my posts.

Out of the 13, nine are still living as of this day.

The following presentation was also produced in their pre-blogging chronicles (Ispidbol’s appearance was added just later). CLICK the photo.

NOTE: WordPress does not allow a .pps-file upload anymore, so this is a .ppt (powerpoint) presentation. Wait for it to be downloaded, open the file, then hit F5” on your keyboard to play and watch the presentation. “ Less than 3 minutes. Nakakaaliw ito, para sa mga “batang” paris ko! 😉

ADDENDUM (2009 Nov 16) : PPS format can be uploaded again; Just open the .pps-file after the download and watch. Thanks!

Hamster cages and wheels are kinda expensive, so I learned to improvise.

One of my utmost concerns is what to do when a hamster got sick, or how to prevent incidence of illness. That was the first topic that I researched upon gaining internet access in August last year. My searches led me to Wikipedia, then to fellow pet- and hamster-bloggers. Eventually I thought on blogging at WordPress, signing up with Flickr and YouTube ONLY as photo and video hosts. (My blogging is another story, so much about that next month).

I am not a breeding expert. I was quite disappointed when I learned that what I’ve been doing is not a “good” practice. I knew some basic rules about genetics, but I was not seriously aware about the ill-effects of in-breeding. I stopped “marriages” among closed relatives since the last litter of June 2007 – after I have gone through seven generations.

Amboy’s ♂ ‘good side’

Seventh-line descendant Amboy. Will he be my last hammie?

Amboy is my 33rd hamster. He belongs to the 7th generation (maternal line; see my first comment below) and is the youngest. He had gone past midlife but still celibate – a forty year-old virgin, at that. 😆 Now he is faced with the question:

“To breed or not to breed?”

FLOOD for thought:

Remember that the Ark was built by an amateur, Titanic by professionals.

Nine lives

NOTE: Hamsters’ gestation period (pagbubuntis ) is 16 days (6-12 is the normal number of pups per litter); average lifespan, between 2 and 3 years.

(‘By batch’ sila kung dumating, kaya ‘by batch’ din sila kung lumisan. 😛 )

My nine living hammies.

How are my 9 hammies doin’? (a rundown):

Panapanagang (1 year 9 months 22 days). The elders (Hamsters are already considered seniors when they reached their 18th month).

Mochawonka (). Eldest male, therefore the family chief. 😆 He’s gaining weight lately. The Hall (made available to all members as a hammy-gym) was reserved for him from 6 to 7 am, and most of the evening hours.

Mochahontas (). Grumpy grandma’s bites are not that ‘nasty’ anymore. (Obviously, the “Lola” had passed on some of her temperament trait to granddaughter Syma!)

Isnohontas (). To both humans and fellow-hamsters, the peace-loving momma remains the most amiable of all. She’s been spending most of her time sleeping, but insists on getting out of her cage when awake.

PanapanaIIgang (1 year 7 months 22 days). The new oldies are only 60 days younger than their parents, Mochawonka and Isnohontas.

Wigwam (). Still young-looking. Always wary and suspicious, ready to bite (not so hard – “nip” is more appropriate) if handled against his will. Very responsive to odors of his kind – male’s musk makes him gnash his teeth, female’s scent excites him so easily (this behavior is typical).

Teepee (). Ispidbol’s widow has a cyclical mood shift. Shows hostility toward her fellow-hammies except when she is in heat. The most vocally expressive among them.

Boolagang (1 year 4 months 16 days). Two of the three surviving male offspring of Mochahontas (A third white male named “Hamty” is still living with his foster owner). These two ‘boolaboys’ are the new ‘record-holders’ (you may want to check this out – The Lupindilayks).

Bebong II () and Berio II (). The ‘Dugyot’ (unGroomed) Brothers 😆 are the most hyperactive. Physical growth seems retarded. Sharing cage, still no sign of serious fight or struggle… just like that – carrot- and wheel-olympics 😆 (see video).

Chochobebes (1 year 1 month 17 days). The offspring of the late Isnobol. My youngest hammies have reached their ‘midlife’ last month (June 4).

Syma (). The once-bitey hamster has been learning to deal with humans. Meticulous regarding her food and toilet habits. Active in the first few hours after midnight, making all sorts of noise when I and my wife are about to sleep.

Amboy () shifted his daily sleep-and-wake schedule. At about 12 noon everyday (when all other hamsters are sound asleep), the once-thin and timid little hammy is persistent to leave his cage for a four-hour ‘workout’ in The Hall. The fact is, he is right… he’s quite big now for his homecage wheel.

Quite similar to linked cabs on a subway rail? — passing so swiftly, coming and going in quick succession (s’ensya na sa ni-sampol kong tweyn… ‘indi ako makaluwas para manyut sa MRT eh). 😛

May JOKE pa… CLICK nyo ito, hindi na bastos, pramis.

Snowball rolls no more…

See Isnobol’s profile

See all his post stories

Old hammy-father Isnobol passed away at 4:00 o’clock this afternoon.

He is the last one to perish among the three 4th generation hamsters, the oldest since this blog was started in September 2007. He outlived his younger brother Ispidbol by 23 days.

Snowball reached the end of the slope.

Etymology of name: color

English equivalent: Snowball

Gender: male

Color: white

Parentage: Blakdyak + Snow White

Generation: 4th

Litter group: Chiaroscurogang

Spouse: Chocho

Lifespan: 26 months 29 days

Cause of death: old age

Isnobol at 8 months 24 days (ancestral cage scene), 32 months (Arrowangkada wheel), and 26 months 29 days (Hall). The last scene is actually taken just more than 8 hours before he breathe his last.

Traits and characteristics: Big and has a tendency to grow fat. White fur coat is always ‘un-groomed’ and stained (“Dirty Hammy” made my days). At six months, a persistent bully to his smaller brother Ispidbol (needed to be separated). Hyperactive at first but became “cooler” as he has grown bigger and older. Not afraid of elevated places, anchors his hind legs first before “climbing” down. Doesn’t bite – but does ‘a little’ when he finds your fingers intruding his cage. Always eager to approach when called, expecting a treat or a tour outside his cage. Tolerant in almost anyway he is handled, just don’t startle him. Once ‘cuddled’, he seems contented when he is put back in his cage.

Isnobol is the first white hammy occupant of The Hall. As the 7th ‘steward’, he served for only 22 days.



  1. Syma
  2. Amboy

Nephew and nieces:

  1. Mochawonka “the wiggler”
  2. Mochahontas
  3. Isnohontas Kotonbol

Grand nephews:

  1. Wigwam Wigglerson
  2. Teepee Pompom
  3. Bebong II
  4. Berio II

May iniwang alaala si Isnobol… CLICK mo ‘to.

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See Ispidbol’s profile

See all his post stories

Ispidbol passed away at 3:00 pm yesterday, just two hours after I came home from an internet café.

His departure is inevitable, but I didn’t expect it that soon. It’s like he just waited for me to pay him his last tribute while he was still alive. Now my two questions are answered: Yes, that that second second chance is his last, and it lasted for a about four weeks before, and three hours after, I published the previous post entry.

Who will undertake the undertaker ?

Etymology of name: fast and swift; snappy

English equivalent: Speedball

Gender: male

Color: banded brown

Parentage: Blakdyak + Snow White

Generation: 4th

Litter group: Chiaroscurogang

Spouse: Teepee Pompom

Lifespan: 26 months 6 days

Cause of death: old age

Ispidbol at 6 months 5 days (Tower scene), 15 months 16 days (sunset scene) and 19 months 6 days (Wheel scene).

Traits and characteristics: Small and acrobatic. Give him a treat: he eats it right-away if a small piece, but takes and carries a bigger piece back to his resting spot. Unusual sleep-and-wake regimen, treads his wheel in the morning until up to 11 am – that is why he is a late-riser (6 pm). A persistent cage-deserter (“lakwatsero” Ispidbol-bulakbol) when he was younger, refuses to be handled when outside his cage. Nosy – thrusts his head forward to smell the nose of his handler when the handler brings him close to his face. In later life, Ispidbol became a contented occupant and responsible steward of The Hall; he left not a single chew mark in any of its woodwork.



  1. Isnobol – next steward of The Hall

Widowed spouse:

  1. Teepee Pompom

Nephew and nieces:

  1. Mochawonka “the wiggler”
  2. Mochahontas
  3. Isnohontas Kotonbol

Grand nephews:

  1. Wigwam Wigglerson
  2. Bebong II
  3. Berio II

Great grand niece/nephew:

  1. Syma
  2. Amboy

Masyado seryoso? CLICK mo ito.

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Take 2!

A Hamster’s Autumn of Life

A hamster’s old age speeds by as fast as the rest of its life. The first signs of old age appear with relatively little warning, and from then on hamsters age quite rapidly compared with dogs and cats.

Most old hamsters die quietly. One day, you’ll find the hamster’s small body, still and lifeless, in its house or curled up in a corner of the cage. Because the animal looks as if it is asleep, death is probably painless. The hamster simply breathes its last, like a candle burning out.

These are the visible signs of an aging hamster:

Behavior: spends most of the time sleeping; loses interest in its surroundings (including his wheel); stores small amounts of food.

Appearance: loses weight; rounded head becomes more pointed; coat loses its uniform sheen and looks matted and unkempt; eyes’ color become pale.

Motion: no longer scurries about; movements are slow, awkward and unsteady.

Hygiene: doesn’t have the strength to groom itself as often as it used to; sometimes unable to clean its bottom when it ‘poos’.

Health: there seems no age-related problems (unless there is a tumor or other illness).

Senses: smelling, hearing, and vision possibly decline with old age (?)

(Source: My Hamster and me, copyright 2001 by Barron’s Educational Series)

DATES: Rain and all time-lapsed movies, May 2008; The Hall scene in sunset, 11 July 2007; The Hall scene in monochrome, 28 October 2007.

Ispidbol must had gone by now. For the past four weeks, he’s been showing signs that his time is swiftly running out. But remarkably, his condition got quite better. Sudden rains that dispelled the heat of summer seem to have a good effect on him.

He still spends all day and night sleeping – yes, and he had long trodden his last mile on The Wheel. But somehow he wakes up to take his meals and clean himself off his refuses. Once more, he can manage to move (in a sloth-fashion) across his homecage to the opposite corner, just to pee.

This is actually Ispidbol’s second second chance.” The sunset scene, with him shown in the video, was his first second chance – the day he rose up from his bed of illness (11 July 2007), when he was about 16 months old. Ispidbol is indeed a weaker hamster compared to his brother Isnobol, and that is why he won my favor to be the steward of The Hall (This has been the rule ever since their first ancestors).

Hamsters are not blessed with nine lives – not even a long one. But like any other higher creatures, they do have second chances. As for my Ispidbol, I do not know for certain how long this yet another second chance will last. Weeks? Days? …or hours?

Will this be his last second chance?

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How’re the hammies?

Hamsters’ average lifespan is between 2 and 3 years. Perhaps that explains why they do everything at top speed? They don’t have a long life to live – at least from our point of view.

My 11 hammies, a rundown:

Chiaroscurogang (2 years 27 days). To humans, this is equivalent to more or less 80 years.

My oldest seniors spend most of their time sleeping and less of wheel-turning. Isnobol’s white fur is already thinning and losing its luster. Ispidbol’s movements are now less snappy and much slower.

Panapanagang (1 year 6 months 23 days). New senior citizens (18 months for hamsters are considered seniors years).

Mochahontas is still grumpy at her age, but her bites are ‘moderated.’ Mochawonka is still very active and always wants to get out of his cage, still ‘wiggles’ when handled. Isnohontas is the biggest, and yet my most human-friendly female hamster. She sleeps a lot nowadays, seldom shows an interest to go out for an exercise.

PanapanaIIgang (1 year 4 months 23 days). This litter is only 60 days younger than their parents, Mochawonka and Isnohontas.

Like his father, Wigwam always wants to get out of his cage, jumps from an elevated position without hesitation. Teepee has a rounder but stouter body than her mother. She is not that bitey anymore.

Boolagang (1 year 1 month 16 days). Living offspring of Mochahontas. New ‘record breakers’ (you may want to check this out The Lupindilayks.

At more than one year old, Bebong II and Berio II (male counterparts of their late sisters Bebang-girdel and Beria-girdel) are still sharing cage and wheel, showing not any sign of squabble. Until now, they don’t exhibit any mood of hostility – I never hear any one of them clack their teeth. During their active hours, ‘escaping’ from their cages to explore the outside world is their prime obsession.

Chochobebes (10 months 17 days). These youngest hammies are the offspring of my oldest living hamster, Isnobol.

Syma is not that grumpy anymore, though apparently her mood shifts so easily when brought near Amboy whom she can still recognize as the younger brother she used to bully. Amboy remains the nervous type, but being a grown-up male, he is no longer afraid of any female hamster – his elder sister is not an exemption.