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My featured hamster this time is the widowed wife of Berio. If you want to know more about Berio, the big hamster with a small testicle, click on this:

Size didn’t matter

Mochahontas is the wife of Berio. Her husband died when Mochahontas was five days pregnant of their still unborn litter.

“Boolagang” was the name of the posthumous litter. Mochahontas gave birth to them 11 days after their father died. Of course, Berio’s death didn’t matter in any way to his preggy widow. They are just hamsters. And besides, I am here — their master, protector and care-giver.

Mochahontas was a very protective mother to a litter of six baby hammies. One time she had bitten me so nicely when my hand got its way into her cage. Nice shot. A finger of mine bleed profusely.

Mochahontas is still alive today. Three of her Boolagang litter are still staying with this family. (More about the Boolagang on 21 Dec 2007)

Mommy Mochahontas with the Boolagang (4 April 2007)

Mga nanay, ganyan ba kayo sa mga anak nyo? PASAWAY na nanay! 😆

Click this for USAPANG PINOY: Sa mga BALO at mga naulila…

One and a dozen

This link will show you the ancestral lines of the 13 living hamsters now under my care: Hamster family members

You may ask: “Why so many?”

Since the beginning, I do not intend to keep more than a dozen. Four is ideal, or six maybe, especially for such solitary creatures that need to be caged separately. That means if you have twelve Syrian hamsters, you need twelve individual cages. *gasp!*

Hamsters multiply at a very fast rate (buti pa sila). A female can give birth to an average of six to eight babies after only 16 days of pregnancy (sana kami ni misis ganun din). 😆 To prevent a possible complete “hamster takeover” of my house, I have chosen to give each of my female hamster only one chance of producing a litter. By the way, I am proud to tell you that my hamsters, male or female, are all monogamous. Walang kabit, walang sabit.

Kaya kayo mga ineng: huwag kayong basta pabobola sa mga ‘boys’ at baka me asa-asawa na ang mga iyan. Kilatisin nyo baka BARAKO lang yan sa unang tingin, pero sa pagiging asawa at ama ay isa palang BADING. Pagpapalahian lang kayo, kawawa naman ang mga magiging anak nyo. Hanap kayo ng tulad ng tatay ko na maski lib-in lang sila noon ng nanay ko hanggang makapag-anak ng anim e, solong asawa lang ang nanay ko ng tatay ko. 😆 Pero sa inyong mga nagli-live-in at sigurado na, ano pa bang hinihintay nyo. Me libre namang mass wedding kung ayaw nyo gumastos. Masaya pa dahil marami kayo.

Nalayo na naman tayo ano? Nabanggit kasi yung kabit e. Sayang naman kung hindi pa makakapagsermon aheheh. Okey balik tayo sa daga:

[To my readers who don’t understand Tagalog: the words in italics above is a Filipino “joke” (tsk tsk tsk) and will lose its ‘humor’ if translated in English… my apologies.]

I also give away hamsters for free, keeping only one or two from a new litter for me. My only requirement for prospective pet-owners is a safe and decent cage that is especially designed for hamsters, with an exercise wheel and a drinking bottle. There are a lot to chose from in almost all pets shops locally.

But sometimes, some people who have made ‘reservations’ don’t want to take the cost of buying a cage. In such cases I am always firm: NO cage, NO hamster. If they just want a toy for their kids, I discourage them from owning any pet. Pets are not toys… they are living animals.

Now you know why I’ve got thirteen hamsters.

Here they are, grouped according to their respective litters. Their ages as of this date are also indicated. All the photos are ‘clickable’ and will link you directly to my flickr photos.

The CHIAROSCUROGANG (age: 1 year 7 months 20 days)

The senior citizens. These three are the oldest in the family. They belong to the 4th generation. They are the litters of Blakdyak and Snow White (both departed).

Isnowitwit (♀)

Isnowitwit Kotonbol (Snowitwit Cottonball) ♀

Isnobol (♂)

Isnobol (Snowball) ♂

Ispidbol (♂)

Ispidbol (Speedball) ♂

The PANAPANAGANG (age: 1 year 1 month 16 days)

The mid-lifers, more or less. These three are the litters of Isnowitwit and the late Arrow.

Mochahontas (♀)


Mochawonka (♂)

Mochawonka ♂ “the wiggler”

Isnohontas (♀)

Isnohontas Kotonbol (Snowhontas Cottonball) ♀

The PANAPANA-II-GANG (age: 11 months 16 days)

The unexpected fraternal twin. This litter was unplanned and unexpected. The Panapanagang were not separated until after more than 40 days from their birth enabling the mating of the young siblings Mochawonka and Isnohontas. Only two (2) of the resulting six (6) pups survived, the other four died upon falling on the cold and damp bottom of the cage at birth. I didn’t know their mother was pregnant until I just heard squeaking inside the cage.

Wigwam (♂)

Wigwam Wigglerson ♂ (son of Mochawonka ‘the wiggler’) is the husband of Beria-girdel (deceased).

Teepee (♀)

Teepee Pompom ♀ is the wife of Ispidbol. The couple are unable to sire on their first and second mating. After what happened to Beria-girdel, I didn’t aim for a third.

The BOOLAGANG (age: 8 months 9 days)

The posthumous litter. These three, along with three others including the late Beria-girdel, were born 11 days after their father Berio died. Mochahontas is their mother.

Bebong II (♂) & Berio II (♂)

Bebong II ♂ and Berio II ♂ are still sharing a common cage as to this date — quite remarkable for Syrian hamsters.

Bebang-girdel (♀)

Bebang-girdel ♀ is the laziest and drowsiest of all the family members. When awake, her habit, beside eating and grooming, is stretching and yawning. Mahihiya si Garfield.

The CHOCHOBEBES (age: 5 months 10 days)

The returning litter. These are the surviving litter of Chocho, a female who was given for adoption. When their mother died, Syma and Amboy were sent back to us. Isnobol is their father.

Syma (♀)

Syma ♀ is so far the grumpiest hamster in the family. She’s so ‘bitey’ nobody can handle her. It’s a real challenge to tame her, and I am optimistic about it.

Amboy (♂)Amboy (♂), his other side

Amboy ♂ is the youngest of all — the thirteenth hamster, so to speak. He was a candidate for adoption. But his physical condition the day he and her elder sister came back made me change my mind. He was then so small and skinny, nervous due to Syma continually harassing him. (Have you tried clicking on his smaller photo?)

That’s right… Amboy is a one-eye-blind hamster. This is probably(?) an injury inflicted by his sister when they were yet still babies.

And like what I was always saying: the smallest and the weakest always get most of my care and attention. The 13th hamster is now the first.

Swerte pala ang pang-trese??? 😐 😦 😥 😕 😮 😡 🙄 8) 🙂 😀 😛 😉 😆 Acheche…! Dyoks lang syempre. … See you next week!

Next: “Pamana ng isang DAGA” — Bitoy’s Legacy (November 21)

Size didn’t matter

2006-10-01 (Berio)

Berio was a Herculean hamster with the balls of a Hobbit.

Berio was a banded black male, son of Bugoy and Bebang III, and belonging to the first litter of the 4th generations. Like Beria, his name was derived from the word Siberian because at his young age, he was very small. When he was nearly one month old, sexing was rather not so easy because not even a single testicle was visible. As he grew up, one — but only one — became visible, and this only showed up during warm weather.

Even though his single ball was small, Berio was no yellow. In fact he was the most fearless hamster I ever had. At maturity he was able to gain size and weight. I called him the bull hamster because of his big size.

As he mature, the other member of the pair (the other testicle) started to catch up. There was a time when I think I saw a third one beginning to show up, but I realized it was just a small swelling that soon went off by itself.

Berio was initially wary, yet very amiable. If he senses that someone is approaching his cage, he climbs up, stays near its door and puts his snout against it, waiting “in ambush” (Berio-bulaga). He does not wrestle with my hands if handled, but pushes my nose when I try to put it closer to his face; stares at me blankly when I talk to him, whiskers moving. He was the only hamster among the family who can tightly grasp my finger with his hind paws (as koala bears do). Berio always wanted to get out of his cage but immediately turns back home upon receiving his treat. He enjoys eating.

For Berio, hoarding a ‘cheekful’ of corn grains is not enough… he wants to take the whole thing – kernels and cob – to his home.

Berio’s hoard

I have no idea why Berio suddenly got lethargic. I just remember I fed all the 12 hamsters some few drops of melted ice-cream that I was eating; then his father Bugoy got ill the following day, and Berio himself the next day. But his 26½ -month old hammie recovered.

Another thing I remember was, two days before the ice-cream, I mated him with his wife Mochahontas. Berio just got sick, and died five days after their honeymoon. Was he so much stressed by their arduous love affair? I don’t know. What I knew was before his wife was widowed, he was destined to be a father. For 11 days after he died, Mochahontas had given birth to his six beautiful posthumous offspring!

I observed simple ironies of life here.

  • Berio was born small but grew to an immense size at maturity to become the biggest hamster I ever had (his name was a misnomer).

  • He was big but he got small balls.

  • His balls were small but he was a brave hamster.

  • He was big and strong but his life was short (14 months and 28 days).

  • His balls were small but he fathered six hamsters — and mind you — he did it in just one hit!

Berio just proved that size doesn’t matter.

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The “3½th” generation

2006-07-04 (Arrow & Beria)

Arrow (at left) and Beria on their first-year birthday. Partially hidden at the back was the 27-month & 22-day old Mocha Rurik, then the steward of the Hall after the death of the Lupindilayk twin.

Arrow and Beria were products of the union of Gandalf (2nd generation) and StitchWarwik’s daughter who was given for adoption. Since Warwik was a sister of Gandalf (both were members of a common litter) — Stitch (a sister to Warwik’s sons Harurendilayk) was a 3rd generation hamster. In simple words, the Gandalf-Stitch paring was an uncle-and-niece marriage relationship.

Calling this new litter as the 4th generation (their mother being a 3rd generation hamster) would make Gandalf their grandpa, not their father; calling them as another 3rd generation would place them just equal with Stitch, their mother. To make the matter less complicated(?), I have chosen to classify this particular litter as the “3½th” generation. Lucky we humans for discouraging such incestuous relationship; otherwise, imagine how confusing life can be. 😆

Gandalf (white) and Stitch (black) sired six banded blacks and two banded browns. That is why I named this litter the Banderitos.

Arrow was a banded black male, stout-bodied and round-face. His name was derived from the arrow-shaped black pattern on his back. He was so orderly in his cage, consistent as to what spot to urinate. Warm and snappy, persistently hyperactive. During his active hours, so impatient to get out of the cage; and once outside, refuses to be handled, wrestles with my hand. Upon getting tired, doze off along his cage’s ladder, or on the wheel, with head dangling down — like a dead mouse.

Arrow rocks his cradle wheel

Arrow’s bane — a living space turned into a lethal chamber. He could have lived longer if I was able to foresee the perils of staying here on a very hot summer day.

Beria, bored inside her cage

Beria was a banded black female. She was small and petit, with a very cute face. Her size was the basis of my giving her her name for when she was young she was small like a Siberian hamster. Hyperactive and snappy. Quite snob and a tomboy. A homebody, hesitates before leaving her cage for a stroll.

Beria became the wife of Bebong, but the two were not able to sire because like Snowy, Beria had birthing problem. She was less fortunate than Snowy though, for she didn’t survive the complication. But despite her infirmity Beria died fighting the good fight. She left the family on a Christmas eve at a young age of 17 months and 21 days.

2006-12-25 (Beria) with Bebong & Arrow

Beria’s bereaved loved ones — brother Arrow on Arrowangkada wheel at left, and husband Bebong on the Pension house rooftop at right. (photo taken on morning of Christmas day, 2006)

Arrow became the husband of Isnowitwit, sole daughter of Blakdyak and Snow White. Before he died, Arrow fathered three hamsters. He perished suddenly due to environment-induced stress (much to my deepest grief and guilt) on the hottest month of the year — on the day when his daughter Mochahontas gave birth to his grand offspring, the Boolagang. His age was 20 months and two days.