Last-minute changes sa construction ng SymAmboy staircase: nilaparan at ginawang dalawa ang landings sa magkabilang dulo ng hagdan — isa sa itaas (Boolaboy Bebong upper deck) at isa sa ibaba (Boolaboy Berio lower dock). 😀


Pag-alis pala natin, wala na kahunta dito

si Doray, anu ateng?

Oo, pate… tagal pa bago bili si bosing ng kausap nya.

Pero oks lang daw eka. Pag mag-isa na sya, pede karay

sa mga lamyerda.


[ solilo-squeak ]

Dalawa sa ikalawa

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?? 🙄 ??

Pssst… memya ka na mag-isip uli kong saan ko nahagilap ang taytol na yan. Tinginin mo muna ‘tong dalawang naipasa sa akin this week:

Candle of love, hope and friendship galing kay klasmeyt! 😀 Yeheyey!

Smile award galing kay bluedreamer! 😎 Basta asul, kewl!

Ano nga ba ang mga dahilan at hindi mapuknat sa aking mukha ang isang nagliliwanag na ngiti? Walo ang maibibigay ko, walong alaala at kaganapan sa loob at labas ng blog nitong nakaraang linggo. CLICK here. ◙


Amboy’s “DSL” pet

The “family” just can’t let me get away with it. They demanded for their own post – this post. Hammies year two … that is what the title means.

My three most senior hamsters are already two years old today. The whole family are very grateful about it 😀 for two years in hamsters is an age equivalent to about 80 years old in humans. And if yesterday, I and my wife were honeys for 20 years; 45 days from now, two of these seniors will turn hammie-honeys for 2 years.

Links to last year’s posts about the birthday celebrators:

Mochahontas, the widowed wife, a mother of ‘posthumous’ litter of six.

Mochawonka & Isnohontas (‘The wiggler’ hubby and Hello hammie wifey), teenage dad and mom.

Just for the record: CLICK HERE.

‘The Fall’ in round 1

A new day dawns this morning, signalling the ‘death’ of summer.

Today is September 21, a ‘moment’ in a year known to astronomers and meteorologists as autumnal equinox, and the autumn season “officially” begins today (In the Southern hemisphere, it’s the reverse: spring begins). In all parts of the earth, the daytime hours and nighttime hours are equal (12 hours each). The sun rises and sets at the exact eastern and western horizon.

summer solstice (last day) sunset

This photo was taken yesterday (Sep 20), the last day of summer. The sun set at a point in the western horizon (at the middle of the photo) somewhere behind the trees (compare this with my SUNSET photos of December, March and June).

One year ago…

Isang ikot

Birthday ngayon ng unang post ni Hello Hammie ko. Bukas naman ( Sep 8 ), isang ikot na rin simula nung ipasulat at ipa-post nya sa akin ang sarili nilang bersyon nina Malakas at Maganda (click that for the original version).

Hindi na ako masyadong magbibida, para may panahon kayong samahan akong mag-ikot-ikot dito sa IkawTubo bidyo. Ni-produced ito ng magigiting na mga salinlahi nina Mauslakas at Magandaga. 😆

See 12th comment (mine) below. ↓

Hirs a litol song I rowt

Yu mayt want to sing it nowt por nowt

Donk Wodent… Bi Hammie…

Aru… lumala yata ang vertigo ko. 🙄 Tsokey lang… Basta naka-one full turn na akong sakay ng blogosperyo. 😀 Isang taon na pala akong nagkakalat ng superbabaw kong kaligayahan sa internet?

Pasensya na po kayo sa mga korning jokes ko. 😳

Galing sa Yahoo Mail inbox ni misis:

There comes a TIME in our LIFE when we have TO LET GO of all the pointless drama and the people who created it and surround ourselves with people who make us laugh so hard that we forget the bad news and focus on the pleasant memories. After all, life is too short for us not to be HAPPY!

🙄 …Nyay! 😳 Ahehe… Hindi naman sigruro “pointless” yung mga dramanobela na nikukwento ko dito, di ba? Atsaka mas marami naman “pleasant memories”. 🙂

Seven in 5

Another thing the month of August reminds me is how this clan had started.

It was five years ago when I first saw these two (later bacame the first couple), with the rest of the litter, helpless as they were, “sucklings” to their mother. Their owner was my wife’s friend, a former “suki” in our cross stitch and framing business.

The following month (September 2003), she offered us to adopt a pair of these hamsters. Her auntie didn’t want to keep these “bad luck” critters any longer, and was thinking of disposing all of them soon. (You have to squeeze your way in to reach the innermost end of this blog’s sub-terranean tunnel for details… Take this shortcut.)

I’ve been keeping records of my hamster’s “chronicles” even before I gained access to the internet:

19 had lived and perished before I started to blog.

One passed away soon, less than two weeks after I launched this blog.

13 were left to be seen “on-live” in my posts.

Out of the 13, nine are still living as of this day.

The following presentation was also produced in their pre-blogging chronicles (Ispidbol’s appearance was added just later). CLICK the photo.

NOTE: WordPress does not allow a .pps-file upload anymore, so this is a .ppt (powerpoint) presentation. Wait for it to be downloaded, open the file, then hit F5” on your keyboard to play and watch the presentation. “ Less than 3 minutes. Nakakaaliw ito, para sa mga “batang” paris ko! 😉

ADDENDUM (2009 Nov 16) : PPS format can be uploaded again; Just open the .pps-file after the download and watch. Thanks!

Hamster cages and wheels are kinda expensive, so I learned to improvise.

One of my utmost concerns is what to do when a hamster got sick, or how to prevent incidence of illness. That was the first topic that I researched upon gaining internet access in August last year. My searches led me to Wikipedia, then to fellow pet- and hamster-bloggers. Eventually I thought on blogging at WordPress, signing up with Flickr and YouTube ONLY as photo and video hosts. (My blogging is another story, so much about that next month).

I am not a breeding expert. I was quite disappointed when I learned that what I’ve been doing is not a “good” practice. I knew some basic rules about genetics, but I was not seriously aware about the ill-effects of in-breeding. I stopped “marriages” among closed relatives since the last litter of June 2007 – after I have gone through seven generations.

Amboy’s ♂ ‘good side’

Seventh-line descendant Amboy. Will he be my last hammie?

Amboy is my 33rd hamster. He belongs to the 7th generation (maternal line; see my first comment below) and is the youngest. He had gone past midlife but still celibate – a forty year-old virgin, at that. 😆 Now he is faced with the question:

“To breed or not to breed?”

FLOOD for thought:

Remember that the Ark was built by an amateur, Titanic by professionals.