On friends… and souls

Today is November 2, or what the ‘world’ celebrates as the All Souls’ Day. Take time to remember your ‘living’ friends and neighbors.

Idamay nyo na rin pati mga kaaway nyo…

You Forgot My Soul!

You lived next door to me for years,

We shared our dreams, our joys, our tears

A friend you were to me indeed

A friend who helped me in my need.

My faith in you was strong and true

We had such trust as would endure

No spats between us ever rose

Our friends were like — and so our foes.

What sadness then, my friend, to find

That after all, you weren’t so kind

The day my life on earth did end

I found you weren’t a faithful friend.

For all those years we spent on earth

You never talked of second birth

You never spoke of my soul

And of the Christ who’d make me whole.

I plead today from Hell’s cruel fire

And tell you now my last desire

You cannot do a thing for me

No words today my bonds to free.

But do not err, my friend, again

Do all you can for souls of men

Plead with them now quite earnestly

Lest they be cast in hell with me.

— anonymous

May mensahe ako para sa mga kulto (who speak love in lies)

On births … and deaths

Today is what the ‘world’ celebrates as the All Saints’ Day. Pinoys popularly call it Undas, Araw ng mga patay, Pista ng mga patay, or — as our older folks refer to it — by its spanish equivalent Todos los Santos. Bugtong, or riddles, usually abound during these times when I was young.

Now… before you die (I hope it won’t be soon enough so that you will be given ample time on this — ), I want to leave you a two-millennium-old paradox(?), or ‘riddle’ for you to ponder upon.

Have you heard about this:

  • ONE birth, TWO deaths ?
  • TWO births, ONE death ?

This, in fact, is not just a riddle — these two are your only options. And if you are living at these times, well-informed enough to use a computer and browse or surf the internet, even if you do not make a choice, you are left stuck at the first option.

Hamsters, or any animals, have only ONE birth, ONE death; but each person (that includes you) — unless he or she is a faithful believer of and will be caught up in the ‘Blessed Hope’ (in which case there is TWO births and NO death) — has to ‘pick’ one out of the two choices. I am not scaring you. This is not a threat, only a warning. There is nothing new in it and my only basis is the Scriptures. I have to tell you that the faithful believers I am referring to above have chosen the second option. If you want to know more, you can post your questions to me as a comment. I will answer your questions via your e-mail.

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