Teenage Mom and Dad

The featured hamsters this week are the three midlifers — Mochahontas, Mochawonka, and Isnohontas. They are the offspring of Isnowitwit and the late Arrow.

Again I divided the discussion into two posts. Here I wrote about the “teenage couple” Mochawonka and Isnohontas. Later today on the next post, I will talk about Mochahontas the widowed wife, a mother to six hamsters.

I named this litter the Panapanagang after their father. The siblings were not separated until after more than 40 days from their birth enabling the mating of the young pair Mochawonka and Isnohontas. Silang dalawa ang mga daga kong naging ‘mas marunong’ pa sa amo. 😆

It never occurred to me that Isnohontas was pregnant. I didn’t prepare the cage for parturition. On 29 November 2006, I heard feeble squeaking coming from her cage. Surprised but sure about what I heard, I peered through and found two small babies squirming. Four small lifeless bodies were aligned side by side on the pan below the cage. Surely they died instantly upon falling on the wet and cold excreta right after their birth.

Fortunately I separated the Panapanagang so soon before this happened. Otherwise, Mochahontas and Mochawonka could have killed all the six babies. Or, with the presence of her two siblings, Isnohontas — the mother herself — could have eaten all her babies because of protective cannibalism.

Mochawonka in his cage (19 Dec 2006, 29 Nov 2007)

Kita nyo kung papano mag-wheel si tatay Daga — HAPIT, parang bubuyog! Ganyan siguro kumayod ang mga young fathers?

I named Mochawonka “the wiggler” because of his habit of wiggling whenever I handle him during his active hours. He and his wife were two months old when they became parents — the youngest to become a father and a mother among their hamster-kin.

Isnohontas with her two babies (19, 25 Dec 2006)

Though her pregnancy was ‘unplanned’, Isnohontas had pleasantly mothered two healthy white offspring — Wigwam Wigglerson ♂ and Teepee Pompom ♀… (More about this twin on 14 Dec 2007)

Isnohontas Kotonbol is my most friendly female hamster. She doesn’t bite (unusual for females of her kind) nor wiggle when handled. She likes to stay in my hand still, stares at me blankly, whiskers moving. She always feels at home in other cages — except her husband’s (if she’s not in heat), where she only likes to ‘steal’ and hoard all his food stack. Baka naman kasi hindi nag-iintrega si mister? Hehe, nag-iintrega naman — “Bisi as a bambolbi” na nga e! 😆

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