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Two more domiciles are appended at the back of Hamster Mansion: an ‘apartment’ on the Tower-side, and a two-storey ‘summerhouse’ on the Pensionhaus-side.


Ganobebes Tripleks

(The Apartment of 2005)

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Visit the ↑ Tower

The long blue house has a small door on both sides, one being the passage from the back of the Tower.

This apartment has two removable partition walls, made for the three new hamster babies I intended to keep among the first pair’s last litter. Each room has a cubicle and was fitted with a small exercise wheel. Its further use by grown-up hamsters was discontinued in Nov 2007.



(2006; renovated as Summerhouse in 2009)

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Visit the ↑ Pension House

I kept an unused aquarium (12 x 24 x 12 inches) I made in 1999. Boring a hole on a glass (to make windows) was beyond my capability, so in 2006 I designed a roof assembly over it to facilitate ventilation. String runs around the horizontal beam of the roof to hang curtains.

A wheel is suspended beneath the roof. Under the wheel is a slanting platform with the raised corner containing a removable receptacle where the hamster could pee… There is also a bell for the hammie to call my attention (“I want to get out!”).

The first and last occupant was Arrow. For nearly two and a half years since March 2007, the place was just a “wheeling gym” for my hamsters.

The hot, windless summer where we live proved that the aerodynamic roof was not enough, so I decided to do away with the glass aquarium and construct a whole new house with a wood-and-glass combination…


Photos and video can be seen in the Tagalog posts linked here:


Here’s the basic information:


Views from top tunnel → 2009-07-25-Harurendilaykhaus 2009-07-24-Harurendilaykhaus-1

2009-07-24-Harurendilaykhaus-3 2009-07-24-Harurendilaykhaus-2 2009-07-24-Harurendilaykhaus-5 2009-07-24-Harurendilaykhaus-4

↑ View from pool tunnels ↑

The house (made to fit the roof) was completed before Autumn 2009. Some additions:

A burrowing pool which can be filled with pet-litter to a depth of up to 9.75 inches — above this, the content of the pool will spill over the rim of the ventilation. The pool can be emptied easily via a wide door at the bottom.

Two tunnels: one straight overhead, and a longer one that curves and opens just beneath the maximum allowable depth of the pool. These converge to-&-fro the 3rd floor of the Pension House.

One ‘underground’ tunnel (yet to be constructed)… Entrance to the tunnel is at the back, right at the pool’s floor; Other end opens up at the Hall’s center platform in front of the octagonal wheel.

After Arrow, none of my hammies use the ‘peeing corner’ eversince. They made it as a favorite place to lounge and doze off instead. So in September 04 that same year, I converted the opening into

An entrance-exit door… Also Added were

Two docks with a middle winding staircase.

A glass window beside the lower dock, overlooking the litter pool.

Doray Daga made the Summerhouse her
permanent home in Autumn 2010.

Most recent addition (Sep-Oct 2010):

A urinal, constantly monitored and upgraded where necessary.

A grill to temporarily cover the pool area when it is empty (Disposable board will be placed over the grill).

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