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Bahay ni LolaBulwagang BitoyTore ng Daga

I began constructing my hamsters’ mansion in 2004 starting with only three main structures: a “hall” with two towering side buildings… For a short history, click-download to play this powerpoint show.

[ 1.8MB .pps file • Run time less than 3 minutes ] →

Bulwagang Bitoy (The Hall)

The hamster in the photo was Amboy, Bitoy’s last descendant.

The unpartitioned structure at the middle has windows on both sides (See May 2004 photo HERE ).  Each window leads to a sliding door at the second floor of the side buildings. The platform in front of the wheel is also a passage to a proposed underground tunnel leading to the litter pool of the Summerhouse. The Hall’s roof is only for ventilation and is non-accessible to hamsters.

I made this wooden cage for my first male hamster Bitoy, but he wanted to stay in Oldcage 1… The new house was passed on to Lupindilayks. After sharing the ‘Hall’ with elder brother Boromir for 11 months, Faramir finally gained total inheritance.

Bahay ni Lola (Bebang Pension House)

Bebang-girdel has same coat color pattern as her great-great-great-grandma.

I constructed this three-storey structure to house the first female hamster Bebang, but she wanted to stay in her litterhouse instead. The ‘Pension House’ remained unoccupied until the 7th (last) generation, serving only as an exploring and dozing-off place for nearly all of them when they were bored inside their own wheels and homes. Nobody wanted to stay here for long, except for Doray Daga (not a descendant) who made this as a second home starting her 20th month.

Tore ng Daga (Ikabod Tower)

Teepee Pompom. Overlooking, Snowy’s clock.

The initial design, only two-storey then, was really an outcome of my first idea of making a wooden house for my hamster of 1999, four years before the adopted pair of 2003. The decision of making it into a ‘Tower’ just came in later in June 2004 upon the completion of the the Hall. Because of its small floor area that cannot accommodate a wheel, the Tower is also a ‘playhouse’ — not a home for a hammie to stay.

Tulay ng Daga (Mocha Bridge)

Boolaboy Berio, co-finisher of Mocha Rurik’s Bridge.

There are two towers, so there must be a bridge to cross over with. The names of my 20 “pre-blogging” hamsters were inscribed on each of the 20 wooden planks. 😆

Watch the short videos here:

Wigwam was the real trailblazer before the cables were put into place.

Boolaboy Berio hesitated, but was able to make it.

All five hamsters (last descendants) crossing the Bridge.

And that is Doray Daga.

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