Improvised Wooden Houses


House GroupDimensionDate Started

Name/TypeL x W x H (inches)& CompletedDuring the time of


Mansyon main houses

Bulwagang Bitoy132518½2004 AprBitoy

(Bitoy Hall)2004 May

Bahay ni Lola1812½33¼2004 JunBoromir & Faramir

(Bebang Pension House)2006 Sep 30Bebong & Ispidbol

Tore ng Daga1012½341999 DecHammies of 1998-99

(Ikabod Tower)2006 Jun 4Arrow & Beria + DSL

Mansyon annexes

HArrowrurendilayk33½13302006 JanBlakdyak, Bebong & Bugoy

(Summerhouse)2009 Aug 8Bebong II & Berio II

Ganobebes Tripleks33½12162004 DecMsBraun, Warwik &

(Apartment)2005 Feb 28Gandalf

Single/Detached units

Bebang Narseri181082003 SepBitoy & Bebang

(Litter Box)2003 Oct 5

Hauntedhaus2317212004 JanStuart

(Old heirloom house)2004 AugBoromir & Faramir

2005 Feb 28Blakdyak, Bebong & Bugoy

Mini-Dupleks2110¼2004 JunMocha Rurik & Bebang II

(Duplex)2005 AprSnow White & Bebang III

Mochahaus91217¼2005 MarMocha Rurik

(Burrow-room)2005 May 05

Minor projects

E-Box1510½72005 JulMsBraun, Warwik,

(Emergency box)2005 Aug 1Snowy, & Gandalf

Kariton ni Bebong722006 SepBebong

(Teeter-totter)2006 Sep 29

Ispidbol Baks2006 SepIspidbol

(Dormer box)2006 Sep 16


Commercial Wire Cages (modified or converted)


Cage typeDimensionDate Acquired

House nameL x W x H (inches)& ModifiedDuring the time of


Single/Detached units

Hamster Cages

Ancestral I15½11½14¼1998Hammies of 1998

2005 Mar 3Gandalf

Ancestral II15¼11¼18¼1998Hammies of 1998

2006 Sep 16Isnobol & Ispidbol

Stitchhaus129182005 MayGandalf & Stitch

Bird Cages

Duplexhaus17½12½182004 AugMocha Rurik & Bebang II

2005 AprSnow White & Bebang III

Kyumbento ni Syma1818182007 Apr 27Isnowitwit

2007 Nov 22Syma

Chochohaus14½14½2007 AprThe Boolagirls


[Summary table of Home cages]

The improvised houses, wheels and transport carriages presented here were constructed for my hamsters’ use only. I have no intention to suggest a design or plan of construction.

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“Ancestral cages of 1998”

Photos: Gandalf (24 May 2005) ; Ispidbol (01 Oct 2006)

I have two old wirescreen hamster cages which I bought in 1998, when expensive but more sophisticated hammie homes where not yet available in our local petshops. (The hamsters who first owned these cages are not really related to the family I am referring to here.) I modified the first cage in 2003 and used it as an emergency home for the pair I adopted (less than 30 days old then) ; the second cage in 2006 as an extra home for my growing number of hammies.


Mansyon ng Daga

The Hamster Mansion compound

At present, “the Mansion” is made up of five (5) joint domiciles: The Hall, Pension House and Tower as the main structures; and the ‘Apartment’ and ‘Summerhouse’ as annexed extensions.

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Main Annex House units


[ “Ancestral cages” ]

Detached House Units

The following are single independent homecages. Two of these had been demolished, the others were kept in the junk museum or still used as temporary cages. [ Photos are mostly taken from a 320 x 240 dpi video. Source videos can be viewed by clicking the red dates in brackets. ]

Bebang Narseri (2003)

The hammie was Beria. [ source video here: 29 Sep 2005 ]

This is the first cage that I improvised — simply a litter box (with no fixed wheel in it) that was hastily made for the first pair’s first litter in October 2003. The second and third litters were also born here.

Hauntedhaus (2004)

The Harurendilayks (28 Feb 2005; Blakdyak at the back) [ 08 May 2005 ]

A makeshift bamboo house was made in 2004 by a neighbor who adopted Stuart, the white-colored from the all-female first litter. After the hamster gave birth, my neighbor acquired bigger cages and left the old house to me before he moved residence. I modified the old house, repainted it (old color is pink) and let my young Harurendilayks occupy it.

After being used for quite a time by Wigwam, the pallid and ramshackle-looking house is now my hammies’ museum item.

Duplexhaus (2004)

The Mochabebes [ 31 Jul 2005 ]

A wire cage partitioned in the middle used by Mocha Rurik and Bebang II, the pair I sent to my in-laws in Angono in May 2004. The hamsters sired offspring there, all given for adoption. When Bebang II passed away, Mocha Rurik was sent back to me. The Duplexhaus was also sent later and was occupied by the Mochabebes and succeeding hamsters… Four females (three generations) had born their babies here — the last one was Mochahontas, the mother of the Boolagangs.

The cage was condemned in 2008 and eventually torn-down in 2010…  A part was recycled for the construction of EVAC transport carriage.

Mini-Dupleks (2004)

The Banderitos. Only five (boys) are shown here. [ 14 Aug 2005 ]

A first cage for the litter of the Angono pair. This smaller cage was also retrieved along with the Duplexhaus and used for a very short while by the young Banderitos waiting for adoption (out of the eight, two remained under my care)… The Mini-duplex was condemned in late 2005.

Mochahaus (2005)

Mocha Rurik, 05 May 2005 • [ See alt video: Isnohontas, 25 Dec 2006 ]

Intended as a playhouse: a pet-litter box where a hamster can burrow, but became a ‘dormeor’ for the returning Mocha Rurik… (The elder son occupied the Hall upon the demise of his twin brothers.)

Stitchhaus (2005)

Arrow, 01 Oct 2006 • [ Alt video: With mother & siblings, 04 Jul 2005 ]

A basic commercial hamster cage owned by a friend who adopted Stitch. Stitch gave birth to eight babies here… When Stitch perished, I bought the cage from my friend and made it a starter-home for Arrow, one of Stitch’s six baby boys.

Bebang III’s babies were also born here. The cage also became a home for Wiggler Mocha, then Doray Daga during her younger months.

Kyumbento ni Syma (2007)

Syma [ 13 Jul 2009 ]

“Syma’s cubic convent” ( ‘cubic’ because the cage measures 18x18x18 inches; ‘convent’ because my grumpy hamster became quite shy when she grew up ) 😆 was another wire cage modified into a hammie home. First used by Isnowitwit, then Syma (time when an exercise wheel was installed). Its recent occupant was Doray Daga, who, after her final move to the Summerhouse, made the convent her dining and food storage place.

Chochohaus (2007)

Chocho with her babies. [ 17 Jun 2007 ]

A fancy bird wire cage modified for Chocho, adopted by a friend. Chocho gave birth to her babies here, of which only two survived and were later sent back to me… When Chocho passed away, I bought the cage from my friend and made it a home for Amboy, Chocho’s male and youngest.

Minor projects ( Furnitures? )

Isnohontas ( 02 Jun 2007 )

1 A plain multi-purpose box to put a hamster when I clean cages or to handle a wayward, bitey hamster that escaped;

2 A smaller dormer box for Ispidbol when he was staying in the old cage ; and

3 Kariton ni Bebong (“Bebong’s cart”) is simply a teeter-totter… The hamster was Beria-girdel.

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